Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.


Describe the clinical manifestations present in Mrs. J

According to the presented case study Mrs. J presented symptoms reveals history of hypertension, heart failure and chronic obstruction disease (COPD). The patient body temperature used to increase thereby leading to high fever.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.


More so, she reported to have complain about feeling nausea, malaise, and productive cough. As time goes, she is not able to conduct her activities of daily living thus requiring a helper as she walks around short distances. Still, the patient had developed restlessness making her ask whether she was likely to die. Even though she declined feeling pain but it was difficult for her to breath indicating she had asthma. In addition, she easily got tired of doing anything making her away from eating or drinking what she liked. From this characterization it indicates the patient is suffering from headache, dizziness, and headache in that condition.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Discuss whether the nursing interventions at the time of her admissions were appropriate for Mrs. J. and explain the rationale for each of the medications listed.

The nursing intervention provided for the patient were significant according to her condition. For example, IV furosemide (Lasix) is usually applicable to patient with ADHF as well as a diuretic to clients with fluid overload. Metoprolol (Lopressor) this medication act as a beta blocker medication that is effective in treating high blood pressure and preventing chest pain(Smith, Lennon, &Carlsgaard, 2020).Metoprolol aid in relaxing blood vessel thereby lowering heart rateleading to smooth blood flow.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay. IV morphine sulphate (Morphine) this medication is preferable since it is an opioid which relieves pain and decrease chances of getting heart failure. Still, inhaled short-acting bronchodilator (ProAir HFA) this intervention provide relief while patient has an acute bronchoconstriction as well as relieving respiratory attacks when airways open. Lastly, inhaled corticosteroid (Flovent HFA) as other corticosteroid they are significant in reducing airway inflammation.Oxygen delivered at 2L/NC this therapy increases oxygen percentage thereby reducing breathing difficulties.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Describe four cardiovascular conditions that may lead to heart failure and what can be done in the form of medical/nursing interventions to prevent the development of heart failure in each condition.

Coronary artery disease condition results in the deposition of plagues that narrows the arteries leading to accumulation of fatty and cholesterol deposit. Prevention of this condition is employment of relaxation, healthy eating, and exercise are probable measure to reduce cholesterol.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

High blood pressure is the steady elevation of blood pressure levels. This can be managed through control of weight levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Myocardial infarction (MI) this condition appears when the patient has prolonged ischemia thus resulting to impairing heart muscles (Park et al., 2017). Remedial option for this state is employment of decreasing workload for the heart as well as increasing oxygen supply will improve the outcome positively.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Abnormal heart valves may cause heart failure since it may appear during birth and may result to infection. This condition might lead to heart workload and pumping ability. This condition may be corrected through valve repairment.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Taking into consideration the fact that most mature adults take at least six prescription medications, discuss four nursing interventions that can help prevent problems caused by multiple drug interactions in older patients. Provide a rationale for each of the interventions you recommend.

Nurses should educate and help clients to keep and maintain accurate list and log including all medication that are prescribe to take. By so doing, this will reduce likelihood of medics ordering similar medication that might lead to drug interaction. Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.Nurses should educate patients on the significance of ensuring the right medication by choosing a particular primary care profession to reduce chances of polypharmacy incidences(Seidu et al., 2020). Another nursing intervention should ensure the patient is taking medication while ensuring proper dosage is taken while being monitored by a medication organizer. Finally, the nurses should be concerned about patient information by educating them as well as keeping them updated on new medications and potential side effects.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Provide a health promotion and restoration teaching plan for Mrs. J., including multidisciplinary resources for rehabilitation and any modifications that may be needed. Explain how the rehabilitation resources and modifications will assist the patients’ transition to independence.

Health promotion plan in this case will be primarily aimed at ensuring Mrs. J. remain healthy. More so, thisplan will engage individual requiring them to choose healthy behaviors that lowers risk of developing chronic condition. In fact, when the patient maximizes rehabilitation resources there is the benefit of reducing chance of having a premature death, enhances quality of life as well as improving her health. also, the patient will narrow a lot of adverse health effects such as cardiovascular disease, poor reproductive health outcome, and COPD. This will make the patient remain independent more easily during transition to independence.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Describe a method for providing education for Mrs. J. regarding medications that need to be maintained to prevent future hospital admission. Provide rationale.

Patients assessment on health issue is an applicable intervention that should be put in consideration before implementing a treatment remedy to know whether the patient knowledgeable enough to understand the prescription. For instance, the patient provision with education material might be useless at this time since they can not interact with drugs properly. More so, this intervention will involve offering Mrs. J with significant leaning on health technology that will install patient with convenience allowing them to find educational material form the internet. By so doing, patient can use online platform such as portals to access medical history as well as lab results.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Outline COPD triggers that can increase exacerbation frequency, resulting in return visits. Considering Mrs. J.’s current and long-term tobacco use, discuss what options for smoking cessation should be offered.

COPD is triggered by various causes that lead to patient increasing exacerbation frequency. Some of the triggers include air pollution, dust fumes, respiratory infections, cold/hot weather, and cigarette smoking.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.

Cigarette cessation can be successful through employment of effective treatment methods such as using FDA approved medication and behavioral therapy. For instance, some of the FDA approved pharmacotherapies includes application of nicotine replacement therapy and varenicline. For instance, some of the nicotine replacement therapies include gum, spray, inhalers, transdermal patch, and lozenge. However, most of the replacement therapies are equally effective thereby reducing smoking behavior by fifty percent.Describe the clinical manifestations Essay.




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