Culture And Health Essay Paper

Culture And Health Essay Paper

I am 20 years old woman from Russia. I have been raised in conservative manners and it had a positive effect on my health.


In fact, my culture and its background as well as orientation have all along played a very significant role in my health. The definition an individual has for health may be different depending on the cultural background and could impact health behaviors and medical treatment compliance. Culture And Health Essay Paper The different knowledge from that of healthcare professionals about health can lead to poor medical treatment compliance especially for persistent diseases and the lack of participation in health behaviors of prevention like exercising or eating healthily or screenings of cancer. The promotion of health could also be ineffective if these beliefs are not pertinent to the health practices according to a particular population. Therefore matters of health are very well linked with the cultural orientation of a person and the way they have been raised. The following paper highlights some of the aspects of Russian cultural background in which I was brought up and its contribution to my health.Culture And Health Essay Paper

From my childhood, the Russian culture has taught me on the usefulness of various foods. This was a very important aspect found in the Russian culture which impacted my health positively. For instance, the culture has trained me on the usefulness of doing exercise and the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Bodily exercise benefit by promoting good blood circulation. Vegetables and fruits have turned out to be useful in developing body tissues as well making the body resistant to disease attacks. The Russian culture controls drinking practices and smoking habits as it is believed that their effect on health is negative (Cockerham, 2000). Taking cold baths is a helpful health practice that I learnt in the culture as it is thought to promote the circulation of blood. Health living is supported the Russian culture by advising its people to get fresh air. The only way to keep on with these habits is by practicing them and passing on the ideas to others (Krumeich et al, 2001).Culture And Health Essay Paper

Many Russians generally love their culture and their country as well. The dependent family relations in the Russian context can be described using the proximity of 2-3 generations dwelling together in one apartment. Economic and social crisis have made Russians depend greatly on their families for individual satisfaction, self worth and satisfaction. A Russian will for instance advise their family member on healthy habits when they notice a struggle with health issues. Russian’s difficult moments have developed a positive attitude towards life and have been adopted as part of its culture. Life is very hard and each Russian is expected to be industrious. Russians are frank and like spelling out the facts of a matter. When it comes to health, this kind openness promotes fast action to treatment procedures and the right ones for that matter. To promote this habit, I chose to be honest with myself as well as with others on health matters.Culture And Health Essay Paper

The Russian culture is well founded on peasant diets and serfs taken in the past. Poultry, berries, vegetables and roots together with barley and wheat are utilized in daily meals. Imports are regarded as luxuries (Cockerham, 2000). Traditional foods have found a lot of use in the Russian culture and therefore providing the body with enough nutrients free of chemicals. Up to my present age, food is taken on well planned schedules as breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Irregular food patterns make it impossible to manage our bodies which are very important. It is the habit of many young children and even more those of my age to take on fast foods. These foods are mostly carbohydrates and fatty foods which are deemed dangerous to our health. Apparently, it is a culture; I would say that I was oriented to and that it has helped me a lot. Taking in a lot of fast foods like chips, fried foods and so on are likely to result to body complications like obesity. I would continue observing strict eating schedules and avoid uncontrolled eating habits. This basically is what has positively impacted my heath condition. Culture And Health Essay Paper