Cultural Respect & Competency-Caring for a Vulnerable Population in My Own Community essay

Cultural Respect & Competency-Caring for a Vulnerable Population in My Own Community essay

Effective health communication is as important to health care as clinical skill. To improve individual health and build healthy communities, providers need to recognize and address the unique culture, language, and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities. As Advanced Practice Nurses, we must be knowledgeable but also culturally savvy and understand the nuances of the populations that we serve.



For this discussion, identify a vulnerable population in your own community. (I live in South Florida, it could be homeless population, or elderly population, but it is up to you). Describe the characteristics of this group—what makes them vulnerable—and utilize at least three scholarly resources to answer only one of the following questions for your initial post.

1. Paraphrase concepts/theories specific to healthcare disparities as related to vulnerability; provide at least three applications of concepts/theories that could be implemented within your community.

2. As an APRN, how can you advocate for this identified vulnerable population within your community? List and discuss at least three ways in which you can advocate.

3. How does what you learned about your own cultural competency affect how you might approach your role as an advocate? Did you find that you had bias? Were you aware of your bias prior to this exercise?

4. As an APRN, how will you strive to be culturally competent and respectful to those you serve? List and discuss at least three behaviors/characteristics of a culturally competent and respectful APRN.


After you complete your initial post following the above instructions, reply separately to two of your classmates posts (See attached classmates posts, post#1 and post#2). The replies should be well thought out with strong paragraph development (minimum of five to six sentences each), citations, and APA formatting. Note: The expectation is not that you “agree” or “disagree” with your peers but that you develop a conversation with information that is validated via citations to encourage learning and to bring your own perspective to the conversation.

In one of your reply posts, compare and contrast your vulnerable community’s characteristics or conditions with those of your peers, and for your second reply post discuss the pros and cons of an interdisciplinary approach to advocacy; evaluate the focus of team members, and how they might benefit your peer’s vulnerable population.

Note: Use at least two scholarly references per peer post.

Note: Please, send me the three documents separately, for example one is my Initial Post (My vulnerable population), the next one is the reply to my peers Post #1, and the other one is the reply to my other peer Post #2.

Cultural Respect & Competency-Caring for a Vulnerable Population in My Own Community essay