Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay

Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay

Social media has affected or will affect everyone in some way. Whether that is from the news like Fox News or internet news websites to social media based websites such as Facebook, Twitter or even Snapchat, these sources of information are perfect for communication and for knowing what is happening around the world. However, with every positive there is a negative, and with something as powerful social media the negatives could outweigh the positives. Cyberbullying has caused many different outcomes ranging from trauma, insecurity to even death. Trauma can be caused by years of harassment sometimes leading to suicide. Then there’s insecurity which is caused by bullying and harassment. This causes people to have become emotional often leading to weight gain from stress. Then many people become obese or overweight from this type of stress. Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay

Obesity is a disorder where an individual has an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity can manifest multiple health predicaments such as heart disease, joint disease and many more. Obesity affects “more than 35% of U. S. adults and more than 34% are overweight. 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States are affected by Obesity. ” This quote is from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; this quote helps to comprehend how many people are obese and overweight. Obesity affects one out of three people around the world. This figure is about three times more than it was just one generation ago. Society in 2018 lead, many people to believe that they have to match a specific body type or a specific image. This feeling is spread around the world by the news and social media. Socially and commutative wise it is acceptable to be overweight when everyone strives for the ideal skinny body type or the muscular body type.Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay.  This so-called “ideal body image” has caused many people to revise and rethink how they live their lives. A lot of obese people are now trying to become more healthy from years of eating or from genetics. However, throughout the past decade or so, people have been working together and creating exercise groups to help them lose weight. Groups like CrossFit have worked to help weight loss. They have also created such a large community where they can go for support to keep each other working hard. CrossFit is similar to any typical gym or weight loss program but the main difference is to lose weight not muscle mass. Functional exercises and movements that help train the body to be more aware, more fit, and most importantly helps lose weight.Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay

CrossFit, essentially, is a training program that helps and leads people of all weight types to improve their physical health and fitness in an intensive yet accepting and encouraging environment. In this environment, the average person will work out with many different types of equipment and different coaches that aren’t offered at an average gym. Each day the workout will test the person’s strength, not concentrating on one exact thing, but instead concentrating on building the bodies strengths so that it is capable of virtually anything and everything.


CrossFit and other exercise and weight training groups have helped people find a path to lose weight and to reach that ideal body shape. To reach that body shape would also require the weight loser to eat a specific diet composed of not too many calories and a certain amount of each nutrient. With CrossFit, many people have begun to do a ketogenic diet, a low carbohydrate diet that is high in protein and fats. Marcelo Campos, MD from Harvard Healths Publishing Medical School, states in “Ketogenic diet; Is the ultimate low-carb diet good for you?. ” That Ketogenic diets have many restrictions, and it is hard to find foods that match the specific criteria. However, foods like meats, eggs, processed meats, sausages, cheeses, fish, nuts, butter, oils, seeds, and fibrous vegetables can match those specific criteria that are needed. Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay. The main reason why people take Ketogenic diets is to lose weight at a sufficient rate, but the diet has shown to have other effects on children and adults. Marcelo Campos states that evidence has shown that the diet lowers the number of seizures in children and it has proven to lower cholesterol levels. However if not appropriately eaten it could lead to health risks because the consumer would not be getting enough nutrients to run their body sufficiently. This diet is also very tough because the food choice is minimal and could lead to an excessive amount of consumption of red meats.

Along with CrossFit people have started to go on many different diets. The trend of veganism and vegetarianism and eating healthier has become such a considerable influence on current society. These diets can result in wanted body shape without having do the exercise as well as being the backbone to the weight loss workouts. Vegetarianism is when a person does not consume any meat, fish or poultry but still will intake animal-based products such as dairy. People who follow this way of eating are known as vegetarians.

Veganism is very similar to vegetarianism except for there is one main difference. Veganism, or the people who participate known as vegans, believe to not consume any animal product that includes dairy, meat and gluten. People transfer over to being vegan or vegetarian for many different reasons; most are the same as to why people do CrossFit. Many people want to be a certain weight and have the ideal body image or most people what to be part of the growing trend. Alternatively, many people wanting to be healthier and to be more productive change their consumption of food. The intake of food makes an enormous difference.Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay

In conclusion, with the obesity and overweight percentage of the world being at an all-time high, and with social media’s stance on obesity, this results in a perfect, unrealistic body image. This image causes everyone that doesn’t have that body image or shape to think of ways to make themselves look better. It is time for people to put in the work and lose as much weight as possible, and possible through proper dieting, cardio, jogging running and programs like CrossFit. However, food intake is essential and to keep it all in balance, people use diet programs such as the ketogenic diet or to try veganism or vegetarianism. In my opinion, CrossFit is going to grow over time and is going to evolve as more people join. Cross-fit Beyond Our Modern Exercise Essay