Critical Thinking On Understanding The Role Of Criticism Essay

Critical Thinking On Understanding The Role Of Criticism Essay

Understanding the Role of Criticism

The dwellers of my community in for a long time have been experiencing mysterious extensive similar illnesses, among some of its adults and children. We have been in the illusion that it might have been caused by to a genetic disorder, but after an in-depth, investigation and research, I come to the finds, that the practices of a gas company in the vicinity was the primary cause of the illnesses. This was due to the toxic chemical, gases and fumes that it emitted to the environments. Critical Thinking On Understanding The Role Of Criticism Essay

I want this appalling information to be vividly known to the members of my community that, the illnesses are not due to cases of genetics, but rather due to environmental pollution, brought about by the practices of the gas company. Together with them, I stand to voice our plea for need of justice to be done. I found out that the company had non-functioning detoxification chambers, did not have proper and well-outlined environmental protection policies, and were very reckless in handling and disposition of their wastes.

Being that it did not observe or maintain safety regulations, there was great likelihood for chemicals to run-off into the surrounding, and onto the land and water supply lines. Through these avenues, the members of the community were exposed to the chemicals, leading the illnesses.

In my plight for the fact-finding mission, I had to make sure that I did not create and conflicts or raise arguments with some of the employees of the company who come along my way in the process. I had to clearly set out the questions in mind, and relied only on credible sources within the company for any information. I got the best factual evidence and information, through visiting other similar gas company to see how they performed their operations. Additionally, I spoke to chemical and environmental pollution experts on the detrimental effects of such chemicals. Above all, I made sure that I did not make any assumptions, but focused on my idea and aim of finding the main source of the problem (Ruggiero, 2009). Critical Thinking On Understanding The Role Of Criticism Essay


As a refining of my solutions to the problem, I strongly suggest that gas companies that do not comply with the safety and regulation requiems, along with those of environmental protection, should be permanently closed down and its owners charged and punished, or given heavy fines by the government. This will go down a long way, in protecting the health of the communities, living in their neighborhood. Such companies should also be educated on the value of the environment, and be encouraged to adopt, eco-friendly policies.

As a community we can stand together to ensure that the company compensates for the damages it has caused, and ensure it is rehabilitated to suite the conditions necessary for a company to be planted within a community, if not, we have to ensure that it is completely close down. It is the right of the community to have a healthy environment, and therefore it is our obligation to inform our government repetitive of the issue, a formidable government action should be taken.

The government too, needs to protect its citizens from such companies, by imposing stricter regulation policies, on location and operation companies that may prove, harmful to the surrounding. Through community uprisings and peaceful demonstrations, companies that do not conform to this, should have their licenses revoked, and their policies reviewed. This kind of actions would help, reduce such cases, like the one that happened in my community, to ensure a happy and healthy community. Critical Thinking On Understanding The Role Of Criticism Essay


Ruggiero, V. R. (2009). The Role of Criticism: The Art of Thinking a Guide to Critical and Creative Thought. (9th ed.). New York, NY: Longman Publishers. Critical Thinking On Understanding The Role Of Criticism Essay