Critical Care Nursing Management Essay

Critical Care Nursing Management Essay

This essay sets out to discuss the importance of comprehensive and accurate assessment on a registered nurses’ ability to make excellent clinical decisions. It will examine what factors can change a nurses’ capability to be aware of, and act on abnormal assessment findings. As well as assessment being part of the nursing process that is used in every day nursing, it is also a critical part of patient safety (Higgins, 2008). Assessment findings are used to determine what needs to be done for the patient next. Early warning scoring systems currently exist to aid in the early detection of patient deterioration (Goldhill, 2005). The rationale for the use of these systems is that early recognition of deterioration in the vital signs  Critical Care Nursing Management Essay


The issue of consistency is raised when discussing how to ensure assessments are comprehensive, complete and that the data is recorded using the same guidelines as other nurses. To enable consistency of assessment, the same nurse should be taking the observations of a patient for the duration of a shift (Moore, 2007). This ensure that the interpretation of results don’t differ each time the vital signs are done. It also allows the nurse to detect subtle changes in the patients state that may not have been written down. For example, in most clinical environments the respiration rate is recorded as just a number, and the rhythm, degree of effort, quality of breathing and evidence of wheezing or other abnormal breathing sounds are not recorded. The rate may stay the same over a period of time while other aspects of respiration may change, and this is something that a nurse is more likely to notice if they have assessed that patient before. During handover, a nurse should tell the next nurse looking after their patients how they took observations and detail what tools they used to ensure consistency is maintained. Nurses may not pick up on abnormal assessment findings because they do not know what the normal ranges are, or perhaps do not know what combinations of abnormal clinical Critical Care Nursing Management Essay

Critical Care

As defined by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Critical care nursing is that specialty within nursing that deals specifically with human responses to life-threatening problems. Critical care units (CCUs) or intensive care units (ICUs) are intended to meet the special necessities of acutely and critical care patients.
Critical care nurses are responsible for the care of patients with acute and unstable physiologic problems, including their caregivers. Critical care nurses’ role include assessing life-threating conditions, commencing appropriate interventions, and evaluating the outcome of each intervention. This type of nurses are very knowledgeable in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, advanced skills and possess the ability to manipulate advanced biotechnology. To rapidly recognize and manage complications these nurses do frequent assessments to monitor patterns in the patient’s physiologic parameters such as BP, and EKG. When taking care of their patients, critical care nurses often face ethical dilemmas which can lead to emotional exhaustion or burnout. As a result, it is very important that all team members maintain healthy work environment.Critical Care Nursing Management Essay
According to AACN a critically ill patient is one who is at high risk for actual or potential life-threating health problems and who requires intense and attentive nursing care. Patients are generally admitted to the ICU for one of three reasons. One, a physically unstable patient requiring sophisticated clinical judgment. Two, patients at risk for serious complications requiring frequent assessments and often invasive interventions. And three, patients may need intensive and complicated nursing support due to the use of polypharmacy and advanced biotechnology.Critical Care Nursing Management Essay
Pediatric Emergencies
According to Pediatrics Emergencies power point in the U.S. 34% of all Emergency Room/Emergency Department visits are pediatric. Approaches recommended to interact with the pediatric population include: refer to children by their preferred name, taking a hands off approach, compare child’s baseline with current assessment, provide family centered care and maintaining the presence of caregiver, keeping a child friendly environment and involving them in the plan or care rather than just referring to the parents. Furthermore it is also imperative to play and act out according to the normal growth and development of each child, maintaining honesty, speaking calmly and acknowledging positive behavior, and reassuring parents  Critical Care Nursing Management Essay

Walking into the hospital at 6:40am you badge in and make your way to the floor, just minutes into your shift you hear the intercom buzz “code blue, 1A, code blue 1A”. Almost immediately you hear the front doors of the floor flying open and staff members rushing in. Those staff members, are ones from the Intensive Care Unit or ICU. Nurses from the ICU are specially trained in the care of critically ill patients with special needs for extensive monitoring. Critically ill patients are defined as those patients who are at high risk for actual or potential life-threatening health problems. The more critically ill the patient is, the more likely he or she is to be highly vulnerable, unstable and complex, thereby requiring intense and vigilant nursing care (AACCN, 2016, para. 2). Critical care nursing is a job that is very well respected, but with that respect comes a lot of responsibility and education as this job will continue to evolve over the years.Critical Care Nursing Management Essay
In the event that one decides critical care nursing is where their future resides, you must first figure out where to start in your education. Prospective registered nurses must complete a graduate program which should include classes such as Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, and other social and behavioral sciences. Students will also be involved in a clinical setting where they will explore core nursing subject such as ethics, mental health, and pharmacology. Nurses who want to work in critical care must obtain a bachelor’s degree of nursing. The path from RN to ICU nurse can vary from state to state. For example, typically in Delaware you work your way up the chain. Perhaps starting on a Med Surg unit, and then getting some experience in a progressive care unit Critical Care Nursing Management Essay

Critical care medicine, sometimes called intensive care medicine is a sub-branch of medicine that deals with the management and diagnosis of life-threatening conditions that may require sophisticated invasive monitoring and organ support. Those who undergo critical care receive constant medical attention and support that will keep their bodies functional. Some of the patients are unable to breathe and may be experiencing failure in several organs. There is special medical equipment that are meant to assist in various functions as the patient recovers.Critical Care Nursing Management Essay

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