Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

Many Americans understand about the countdown to affordable healthcare. Many people will remember the month of January for many great and good things in the health sector. A lot of anticipation is building and people are counting the remaining number of days towards October 1 2013. Open enrolment will begin towards January 2014. Health insurance covers will be very accessible yet at very affordable rates. Many people residing in the US will have something to smile about because healthcare problems will be history.Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper


Healthcare advisers consider this moment as historic because people who did not have access to insurance now have affordable access. Countdown means that new market places are coming into play at very affordable rates. Everyone can smile again because sickness will never become a threat as it has been in the past. Indeed this is another United States; some say the country is being reborn and come January 2014, the new face of the world super power will be ruling once again with more to offer to its citizens.Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

The government has worked closely for two years now with several states in order to build health insurance marketplaces. Families and business owners will get information while they make comparisons about different plans available will use such points. From these exchanges, people can get many financial help and know their eligibility towards different insurance plans (Kathleen Sebelius, 2013).Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

New government website is coming up to assist US citizens when they need to buy insurance. This website shall offer names and addresses of qualified dealers of health plans. The new law will give tax credit to low income families, so that premiums will go down to affordable levels. Health care website will surely provide the best services to the citizens of the United States.

On the other hand, some scholars and analysts have come to dispute the benefit that the government website is promising the US citizens. “There can be little doubt that we’re in a health care crisis of massive proportions. The Affordable Health Care Act is the proposed solution, but to any person aware of the facts, it should be evident that so-called “ObamaCare” is NOT a viable solution,” notes Dr. Mercola.Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

Re-election of President Obama will surely make sure that this healthcare bill comes into force. Its implementation will be speeded by many government departments without looking at other consequences. Dr Mercola commented about the act to be just another type of taxation. However, as things are now, the healthcare act is indeed another insurance tax in the making. Many people ignored this fact and with less care, the country will be wasting a lot of money in the coming years.Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

People must understand that guaranteed insurance do not equal to guarantee healthcare. First, the act stresses the need to access healthcare; this is not possible already due to inadequate facilities within the country. The so-called market places may exists but serve just a few bunch of citizens. Many view the act to be one that will promote unnecessary spending for the American people. As it is and as it will, America will become the most expensive nation in terms of access to health care. However, the act does not even have possible strategies that will reduce healthcare costs and even reduce or prevent illness (Dr. Mercola, 2012).Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper

Indeed the two sources of information ideally give their own perspectives with hopes of getting their objectives to the citizens. The government through the White House Blog attempts a lot to inform the public of the awaiting benefits. Other scholars and analysts do not view the package as one that any benefits at all, but instead, it is increasing overall costs of healthcare. Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance Essay Paper