Cosmetic Surgery Need Essay Assignment

Cosmetic Surgery Need Essay Assignment

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group (TCSG) is an organization which assists its client to get the desired facial features, body structure and defy age. The company meets the expectations of their clients with the usage of modern technique of cosmetic surgery. The surgery, once a word so dreaded has now become a word of common usage and application. Any individual, especially the women are deciding to lie under the surgeon’s knife with their will. The outlook towards surgery and body dissection has undergone a complete change and is now considered as a step towards betterment. This is not altogether wrong as surgery in some cases has actually helped people to see with their own eyes, walk on their feet again and be alive. Cosmetic Surgery Need Essay Assignment
The advent of technology and surgical sciences have also given the freedom to people to upgrade their looks, though the same was used in the cases of burns, scars and traumatic amputations. The 1900s was the deciding year for cosmetic surgery due to wars. The development in cosmetic surgery opened the doors for the not so beautiful to become beautiful and suddenly, cosmetic surgery became a famous word.
The changing lifestyles, concept of zero size figure, proportionate body, perfect face, and wish to look young, all have propelled the growth of the cosmetic surgery patients. The fashion promoters and the thin perfect looking models worked as fuel in fire and further promoted the usage of cosmetic surgery to look desirable.
A lot of factors have contributed to propel the young innocent minds towards cosmetic surgery and the organization Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group is one of them. The company through its websites and its care representatives promotes the usage of cosmetic surgery to become attractive. The few catch-lines used by company are “I’ve just had my nose done, but everyone comments on the sparkle in my eyes” and there are many tag-lines like this covering almost every portion of body which can be improved. Such promotions influence the people by showing them a flowery picture and making false promises that post-surgery, everything will be good, just like dreams. Beauty, considered as the gift from God and those blessed with it always enjoyed being more desirous than the ones not being so lucky in terms of their looks. TCSG, however as per their website is playing the role of God and is altering the look of their clients to make them look better. Cosmetic Surgery Need Essay Assignment
The common ground for these surgeries is that they make people feel great about themselves. It boosts their confidence and helps them in getting the recognition they always wanted. The risks factors are always briefed to the patients with the assurance that nothing will go wrong. There are several examples also available of other patients, some known persons which works as reassurance for the patient.


Though self-confidence is extremely important for one to survive in this world and flourish, still the cost paid by an individual for acquiring this confidence is worth giving a thought. The cost does not only mean monetary cost here, it also means health and is as crucial as the matter of life and death. Cosmetic surgery, gone wrong has claimed the lives of many people, some of them being the celebrities like Michael Jackson.
The dark side of the picture painted by companies like TCSG is that cosmetic surgery can prove to be harmful and dangerous. What happens if something does not go right during or after the surgery? There are always chances of development of acute infections, allergic reactions and other diseases which a healthy person can sustain however a body weakened by surgery can’t. The surgery though promised to be pain free is not the same and patients experience severe pain after the surgery. The side effects of the surgery and the precautions are usually not communicated to the patient till the patient actually reaches the operation theatre. There are several evidences when the surgeries go wrong and the patients have to lose their life . Cosmetic surgeries are not free from trouble and frequently lead to infections or other health problems like pigmentation, delayed healing, bleeding and worth mentioning here is the occurrence of breast cancer from breast uplift surgery. Moreover, the causes for which surgery is being done are natural process and one can’t remain wrinkle free always or one’s breasts can’t remain firm always. With the advent of age, even the surgery can’t help the natural process of wrinkling and body tissue getting loosened. The surgery also has negative impacts in the long run, like the silicone implants in the breast becomes loose after some years and needs replacement. Hence, in some cases the one time surgery is not enough and there may be a requirement of second or third round of surgery.Cosmetic Surgery Need Essay Assignment
Through the hype created by excessive advertisements and promotions, the surgery has become equivalent to taking massage in a parlor. The role of intense promotions and advertisement can’t be negated in making cosmetic surgery so popular. The advertisement portraying the perfect models emphasizing the need to look great and the ease of getting cosmetic surgery to improve one’s look has major impact on people desiring to look good. The young innocent minds are influenced by appealing emotionally. These advertisements tap the raw side of every human being; to look good and to be admired. The side effects of the cosmetic surgery are avoided or not being discussed with the patients.
TCSG also has a major role to play in influencing the people to opt for plastic surgery and one visit to the TCSG website makes it clear that the company promotes the cosmetic surgery as one hour job with no side effects and only pleasant aftermaths. The company paints a rosy picture in front of its clients without delving the necessary details at the appropriate time. The clients are not enquired or suggested on ‘do they actually need the surgery’ but are convinced to go for surgery heads on. Ironically, to ensure the enhanced clientele, the company also offers the equated monthly installments scheme with 0% interest rate. A group like TCSG can obviously takes a first step to alter the situation and become the change agent. The company needs to shift its focus a little from being profitable to being socially responsible for its action. Instead of making every individual with the slightest of desire to alter their body its client, company can actually practice discretion and pick the cases only when the surgery is really required. Not to hamper the business, at least the company can ensure that its clients are mature and rational thinker adults and not some young juvenile minds that in their race to look better are opting for the cosmetic surgery blindly.Cosmetic Surgery Need Essay Assignment
Cosmetic surgery is definitely the blessing for those who actually need it but one always needs to identify the difference between the need and want.


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