Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay

Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay

The project is about Conversion of Sports focuses to Nightingale Hospital-Temporary medical clinics that are set up to treat Covid patients in the UK. The littlest of the three plans is the Manchester Central will have limit with respect to 1,000 patient beds and NEC in Birmingham and ExCel in London have limit with respect to 5,000 beds. It is shrouded in 4 areas; segment 1 covers work separate structure, segment 2 covers network outline, segment 3 covers Gantt graph and last segment 4 covers basic investigation of above segments. A mind boggling venture is made reasonable by first separating it into singular segments in a progressive structure, known as the work breakdown structure, or the WBS. Such a structure characterizes errands that can be finished autonomously of different undertakings, encouraging asset distribution, task of duties, and estimation and control of the venture.


The separating of an undertaking into its segment parts encourages asset allotment and the task of individual obligations. Care should be taken to utilize a legitimate degree of detail while making the WBS. On the one outrageous, an extremely significant level of detail is probably going to bring about miniature administration. On the other outrageous, the errands may turn out to be too enormous to even think about managing successfully. Characterizing errands with the goal that their span is between a few days and a couple of months functions admirably for most tasks. Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay.

Section 1

Work break down structure


Tasks Duration (days)
1 Planning
1.1 Designing 15
2 Budgeting
2.1 Sanction of budget 20
3 Supply
3.1 Electrical equipments 10
3.2 Oxygen tanks 20
3.3 Beds 12
3.4 Ventilator 10
3.5 Other equipments 20
4 Decoration
5.1 Glass work 14
5.2 Paint 12
5 Electric works
6.1 Wiring 6
6.2 Electronic appliances installation 12
6.3 Circuit breaker installation 4
6 Maintaining
4.1 Electrical infrastructure 12
4.2 Temporary generator 38
4.3 Light cut maintenance 38
4.4 Replacement of oxygen tanks 38
7 Conversion team
7.1 Contractors 90
7.2 NHS staff 90
7.3 Soldiers 90
8 Finishing 1


Scenario 2

Network diagram:

Scenario 3

Gantt chart

Section 4

Critical analysis

Use of WBS:

Experienced project managers realize that numerous things can turn out badly in tasks, paying little heed to how effectively the work is arranged and executed. Part or full-venture disappointments, when they do happen, can frequently be followed to an ineffectively created or nonexistent WBS. An inadequately developed WBS can bring about unfriendly task results including progressing, rehashed venture rethinks and expansions, indistinct work tasks, scope creep or unmanageable, oftentimes evolving extension, spending overwhelm, missed cutoff times and unusable new items or conveyed highlights. Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay.

There are many undertaking the board instruments and procedures that utilization the WBS or its parts as information (PMI, 2004). For instance, the WBS uses the task contract as its beginning stage. The significant level components in the WBS should coordinate, in exactly the same words, the things used to portray the results of the task in the degree articulation. Furthermore, the asset breakdown structure (RBS) depicts the undertaking’s asset association and can be utilized related to the WBS to characterize work bundle tasks. The WBS Dictionary characterizes, subtleties, and explains the different components of the WBS. The organization outline is a consecutive plan of the work characterized by the WBS and the components of the WBS are beginning stages for characterizing the exercises remembered for the undertaking plan.

The upper degrees of the WBS ordinarily mirror the significant deliverable work regions of the task, deteriorated into consistent groupings of work. The substance of the upper levels may differ, contingent upon the sort of venture and industry included. The lower WBS components give fitting point of interest and center to help of task the board cycles, for example, plan improvement, and cost assessing, asset allotment, and danger appraisal. The most reduced level WBS parts are called work bundles and contain the meanings of work to be performed and followed. These can be later utilized as contribution to the planning cycle to help the elaboration of undertakings, exercises, assets, and achievements which can be expense assessed, checked, and controlled.


Use of Network diagram

An organization outline is a graphical portrayal of the undertaking and is made out of a progression of associated bolts and boxes to depict the between connection between the exercises engaged with the venture. Boxes or hubs speak to the portrayal of exercises and bolts show the relationship among the exercises. There must be a beginning and finish the action, and the wide range of various exercises fall inside these two. There are countless ways for drawing the organization outline, for example, priority charting strategy (PDM), bolt charting technique, and GERT (Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique). These days, basically venture supervisor utilize the priority charting cycle to draw an organization outline. You have to choose which action is the replacement and which one is the archetype.

There could be some obligatory conditions which can’t be changed over into delicate rationale conditions. In such manner, director needs to set up the Network Diagram appropriately, mirroring those situations. In view of this Network Diagram, administrator will get generally speaking venture term in the wake of joining the quantity of assets and the quantity of working hours (or any comparative measurements) against each action. Amassing these lets, you determine in general task plan. Thus, chief can see how significant this apparatus is for a task administrator while achieving the undertaking objective. Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay.


Some of the importance of network diagram in planning includes:

Organization charts show interdependencies of exercises: Since interdependencies of exercises are obvious in the organization outline, it will be simpler to see which action can begin after which one, which action relies upon one another, archetypes and replacements of every action and so on

Organization Diagrams show work process of the task exercises. So the undertaking group will know the succession of exercises. At one point in the venture, it will be simpler to find in the organization outline what has been cultivated and the excess exercises and their interdependencies with one another.

Organization charts recognize occasions to pack the timetable. You may need to abbreviate the span of the excess exercises in a venture. This can be on the grounds that undertaking is delayed and to finish the venture on schedule, it needs to pack the timetable. For this situation, since network charts show the request for the exercises and terms, it will be simpler to zero in on the most proficient method to pack the excess exercises in the undertaking.

Organization charts show venture progress. Since it shows the request for exercises in a venture and all out way from the earliest starting point of the task till the end, it is a decent instrument for demonstrating the undertaking progress.


Use of Gantt chart and Scheduling

Schedule management

Schedule management is a system that requires a foundation of strategies and documentation for looking after, creating, overseeing and controlling the timetables for time and assets for fruition of the undertaking. The vital advantage of the timetable administration measure is, it will screen and deal with the timetable all through the venture.

In each association, projects are a fundamental technique to construct esteem. Running an association with an absence of thoughts and no legitimate timetables anticipated ventures would prompt disappointment. Regardless of what the size or extent of your undertaking is, the task plan explains when every movement should be done, what is now done, and the arrangement wherein things should be done. In the current business climate, every association should be able to oversee and plan with skintight spending plans, asset shortage, and the latest innovation designs.

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is an undertaking the board device that you can use to complete your activities in the most ideal conditions. It permits you to draw up an undertaking timetable to imagine assignments that must be done and those that are as of now finished. The benefit of utilizing a Gantt outline is that it is reasonable for a wide range of activities and businesses. The visual portrayal of undertakings and achievements, the utilization of shadings to characterize needs or potential deferrals and the advancement of errands makes it extremely simple to envision the advancement of a venture. In a matter of moments, it is conceivable to have an away from of the task’s advancement and to settle on the correct choices if there should arise an occurrence of deferral.

Gantt diagrams are helpful for arranging and booking ventures. They assist you with evaluating what amount of time a venture should require, decide the assets required, and plan the request where you’ll finish assignments. Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay. They’re additionally useful for dealing with the conditions between assignments. Gantt outlines are helpful for checking a venture’s advancement once it’s in progress, as well. You can promptly observe what ought to have been accomplished by a specific date and, if the venture is bogged down, you can make a move to bring it back on course.


Peer Review and assessment

Section of report Heading Outline (max 50 words) 

Key points to be included

Words in this section
Title page  

Title page should include all the relevant informations related to project topic and other project details

Contents Table of contents should include all the headings and sub-headings used in the content of the project. It should start with introduction and finished with Conclusion. 0
Introduction Introduction includes brief of contents which will be discussed in whole project. It also includes details of each headings and subheadings to be discussed in whole project. 


1 WBS Breaking work into smaller tasks is a common productivity technique used to make the work more manageable and approachable. For projects, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the tool that utilizes this technique and is one of the most important project management documents. It singlehandedly integrates scope, cost and schedule baselines ensuring that project plans are in alignment. 


2 ND A project network diagram is one such tool that helps simplify a complex project plan, enabling a project manager to see the big picture of the project. It’s important to have an overview of any project, see when it starts and finishes, and quickly note all the points in-between that intersect and how they work together. 0
3 MSP A project schedule communicates what tasks need to get done and which organizational resources will be allocated to complete those tasks in what timeframe. A project schedule is a document collecting all the work needed to deliver the project on time. But when it comes to creating a project schedule, well, that’s something few have deep experience with. What and who is being scheduled, and for what purposes, and where is this scheduling taking place, anyway?Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay. 


4 critical analysis 


A critical analysis is subjective writing because it expresses the writer’s opinion or evaluation of a text. Analysis means to break down and study the parts. Writing a critical paper requires two steps: critical reading and critical writing. Critical reading: Identify the author’s thesis and purpose. 1200
5 self and peer assessment Self and peer assessment is about revision and improvement. It enables students to independently assess their own and other students’ progress with confidence rather than always relying on teacher judgment. 400


This part includes all the summary and self analyses based on theories and findings from Section 1 to 4. 200
References Harvard referencing has been done properly and proper guidelines followed. 





After analyzing whole report, it can be concluded that, a project manager should prepare the Network Diagram adequately so that it shows the right path of project success.. On the off chance that your Network Diagram is precise, half of your undertaking issues could be unraveled through this as it were. Be that as it may, practically speaking, assets are normally restricted and scant. There are numerous positions sharing basic assets and accessible assets are not sufficient enough. The occasional lack, work questions, gear breakdowns, contending requests, postponed conveyances and numerous different vulnerabilities influence gracefully and accessibility of assets thus, this is only sometimes be underestimated.

In the event that the assets request surpasses the flexibly, medicinal measures to battle insufficient asset gracefully is to be made. In the event that there are clashes among venture exercises for similar asset things, movement term and priority connections should be thought of and rescheduling the non-basic exercises will regularly tackle the issue. In most undertaking circumstances assets can be procured or delivered in basically any ideal sums on the off chance that one is happy to pay costs engaged with changing asset levels, for example, the expenses of recruiting, preparing, joblessness protection, etc. Coronavirus Pandemic Conversion of Sports Centers to Nightingale Hospital Essay.