Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Treatment

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Treatment

I elected to search for Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) treatments. The article I located online is New Treatments Aim to Treat COVID -19 Early, Before it Gets Serious. The article reports the repurposing of favipiravir and camostat mesylate for use in patients who test positive for COVID-19 to prevent serious illness (Saey, 2020). A tool that I would use for assessing credibility of online articles is Evaluating Internet Resources (Georgetown University Library, 2020). According to the site, one should consider the author, purpose, objectivity, accuracy, reliability and credibility, currency, links, and conclusion in determining whether a resource is valid (Georgetown University Library, 2019). After reviewing the article, I would not advocate incorporating either camostat mesylate or favipiravir into practice based solely on this resource. Because this article is a secondary source, I am unsure as to whether the author transcribed the information accurately into the article from the original publication(s). I question the reliability and credibility of the information in this article. Furthermore, sample demographics are not reported in this article, so I would be wary about making inferences that the sample represents the patient population in my practice (Kim & Mallory, 2017). However, I would further research COVID-19 treatment therapy before I would recommend implementing any such therapies into practice. The treatment described could be beneficial to prevent morbidity and mortality when provided early in the disease process. A further review of the data is required to make an informed decision on whether camostat mesylate or favipiravir will be beneficial to COVID-19 patients. Provide a thoughtful, academic and cited response to the post of the student writings above to achieve maximum credit.Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Treatment


Response to Post on the Novel Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Treatment

Even as a discussion on the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is done, it is very important to remember that the novel coronavirus disease still has no definitive cure or treatment to date. What are being reported as potential treatments are actually experimental drugs that are still effectively on trial. It is true that the severe acute respiratory coronavirus II or SARS-CoV-2 (as the covid-19 virus is scientifically known) has been shown to promisingly respond to some agents that were hitherto used to treat infections with other viruses or even malaria. Favipiravir and camostat mesilate (CM) are two of such trial drugs as correctly mentioned in the post. They are in no way an evidence-based pharmacotherapeutic treatment for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. Coincidentally, both drugs originate from Japan. This, as has been observed by Uno (2020), may be the reason why little is known about their potential in the West simply because most of the literature on their earlier trials is in Japanese. The good news is that the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA has recently granted clearance for Favipiravir to be used in phased two trials in hospitalized patents in well-equipped healthcare facilities (Kunzmann, 2020).  Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Treatment

It is commendable that you recognize the folly in attempting to advocate for the above two drugs as the treatment for Covid-19. This is because current medical and nursing practice is driven by evidence-based practice (EBP) alone. At the moment, the incontrovertible evidence required for efficacy in treating Covid-19 by using either Favipiravir or camostat mesilate still does not exist. With this evidentiary threshold still out of reach, the two medications although promising will just remain labelled as experimental in both literature and recommendations.


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Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Treatment