Contemporary Problems Essay Paper

Contemporary Problems Essay Paper

This is a summary article on the problems affecting people with disabilities. The article will focus on the current problem affecting these people and explain the obstacles hindering resolution of the problem. Bearing in mind that health costs have gone up, all sectors in the offing are finding it hard to get a managed health care system that can assist in reducing health care costs (Stapleton et al, 1995).


With that in mind, it is important to note that, people with disabilities bear the biggest share of health care expenses and unless those who are paying control the costs and manage care of persons with disabilities, it will be hard to save the overall health care expenses. Yet putting in place, a well-managed care system to cater for people with disabilities has proven a hard nut to crack. This has been the case in both private and public sectors.Contemporary Problems Essay Paper

Equally important to note is that, the private and public sector have no idea how it is for the disabled people in the traditional health care system. In the same breadth, they have no information on what transpires when the disabled are admitted in managed care plans. In order to understand well the effect of managed care on people with disabilities, Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy (DALTCP) have established several researches and projects to evaluate managed care for the disabled. The investigations on experiences of people with disabilities in the public sector health care system are done in institutions such as Medicare and Medicaid. DALTCP is equally monitoring other arrangements in the health care system. Such include sub acute care and Medicare nursing facility and home health care (Stapleton et al, 1995). There has also been an introduction of long term services to ensure that people with disabilities carry on with their daily activities in everyday life. This has been made possible in chronic cases. However, there has risen maximized attention to other categories who may also need the long term service. Such cases like being retarded mentally and chronic mental sickness has been given a priority.Contemporary Problems Essay Paper

Medical expenses for acute care are anticipated to hike as the age of the disabled people continue to grow. In an effort to ensure that the costs are, not high, acute care has received providers who have helped to save over 50% of the total health care cost (Kunkel & Robert, 1991). Consensus has built up that it is not possible to meet the needs of the disabled people using one method alone. Equally important to note is that not every disabled person may need service delivery by a group although experts will be called upon to come work in an interactive manner. Programs for training in a bid to provide quality health care to the disabled have been there since. This is all in an attempt to serve persons who are disabled. Among the many recommendations made in order to serve people with disabilities is initiation of dialogue between disabled people and individuals who cater for them. Supporting of studies meant to boost quality of health care on people with disabilities.Contemporary Problems Essay Paper

To conclude, it is notable that the last ten years have made great transition in health care system as payers and sponsors work tirelessly to ensure health care expenses for the disabled are put under control. The need to put in place a well managed health care system that is reformed as well as ensuring there is good coordination appears not to stop anytime soon. However, it remains to be revealed how this urge to transform health care will affect the health of persons with disabilities and those with deadly epidemics. As things stand, the Medicare program has continued to enroll a good number of disabled people in Medicare Risk Program born under TEFRA (Kunkel & Robert, 1991). This has seen over 20 million persons with disabilities benefiting from the arrangement. With all the above in place, people with disabilities have so far seen how both the private and public sector is improving systems all with an aim of giving them nothing but the best in health care. Contemporary Problems Essay Paper