Consequences of the Health Care Ruling

Consequences of the Health Care Ruling

The author calls for a viable health reform even if it means people paying more for their health care. The downside to this is that American citizens will be forced to pay more for their health care. However, a healthy nation is a fuelling factor when it comes to productivity. This is what will ensure a positive economic status and in the end, these costs will be obsolete as compared to their results. Therefore, the author is right when he calls for such reforms.

The court sided with the liberals on taxing power. Apparently, if the state was allowed taxing powers and how to utilize that tax, then this would ensure that everyone gets the much needed health care. Probably, the author was imagining that everyone plays an important role in society regardless of race or wealth. As such, it would be valuable to ensure that everyone was healthy. Consequences of the Health Care Ruling


The idea that the government should punish those who do not purchase health insurance is appalling to some extent. It is against the 16th Amendment of the constitution. This Amendment explicitly states that the congress has a right to tax the income of individuals in order to ensure their health and welfare. However, the state might not have a right to punish them. The important point here is that, everyone should be forced to take care of their health. In this way, economic productivity is ensured.

The decisions culminate to the health care system fixing its dysfunctional loopholes. Reforms are what the author calls for especially when it comes to the abolition of ‘death panels’. If the state can be able to control the provision of health care, then its cost will be standardized making it accessible to everyone. This is the only way with which stability in the health care system can be ensured. Consequences of the Health Care Ruling