Conducting a Professional Interview.

Conducting a Professional Interview.



The purpose of this paper is to present the findings of the interview conducted with the director of the HR department.  Accordingly, the paper will provide a summary of the goals and vision of the HR department and analyze the roles of the HR departments within the healthcare organization. Moreover, the challenges likely to arise when partnering with the HR department will be discussed as well as strategies to facilitate communication and partnership between the nursing department and the HR department.Conducting a Professional Interview.


Goals and Vision of the HR Department

The goals of the HR department include increasing compliance and functionalities of the HR department. This is achieved by training new HR personnel appropriately to ensure they have the required skills and competency to perform their duties.  The HR department also aims to help in achieving organizational goals to improve patient safety and satisfaction. The other goal is to ensure financial sustainability of the hospital through recruiting the right personnel, reducing turnovers, conducting employee survey and communicating the results to the managers in order to come up with strategies on how to implement improvements (Vermeeren et al, 2014). The vision of the HR department is to acquire the best employees and to provide a good and safe working environment by becoming the best employer.

Roles of the HR Department within the Health Care Organization

According to the interview, the HR department aims at improving the quality of care, patient safety, as well as patient satisfaction and this is achieved by hiring the best employees for the organization. According to Cogin et al (2016), HR in healthcare sectors aims to implement reforms and also to improve the quality of service provision and increase patient satisfaction. This is achieved by recruiting experienced, qualified and competent employees. It is important to ensure that a healthcare facility is staffed with appropriate employees who have the competency o delivering the required healthcare services. The HR department organizes, plans, and performs the selection of suitable candidates for such positions. In regard to reforms, the HR department also plays the role of ensuring that diverse healthcare providers are recruited to ensure culturally diverse healthcare services are delivered and there is better coordination of patient services via interdisciplinary teamwork. Healthcare services are provided by the recruited personnel and hence efficient human resource plays an important role in supporting reforms within the healthcare sector (Cogin et al, 2016).

The HR department also plays a role in ensuring the appropriate training for the recruited personnel. As Kabene et al (2016) provide, it is important for the HR to consider the composition of the healthcare staff members when it comes to skills and levels of training. The HR department provides education options and opportunities for in-service training of healthcare personnel in order to ensure that the workforce is ready to provide efficient care and meet the needs of the healthcare industry. A competent and appropriately trained workforce is fundamental for the success of healthcare organizations (Kabeneet al, 2016).Conducting a Professional Interview.

Possible Challenges when working with an HR Business Partner

As indicated, the HR department strives to partner with the nursing department by regularly holding meetings that touch on human resource issues with a goal of forming a strategic partnership. Some of the possible challenges when partnering with an HR business partner include lack of two-way communication between the nursing department and the HR business partner. This may arise when the two departments do not communicate as required which may result to misunderstandings and miscommunications between the two departments. In addition, some issues may not be addressed due to the lack of effective communication between the two departments further creating more misconstructions (Mahdizadeh et al, 2017).

Secondly, there is a challenge of establishing a good working relationship between the two departments especially when it comes to respecting boundaries on both sides. For instance, personnel from the HR department may feel that sometimes the nursing department is overstepping on its boundaries by making demands and suggesting issues whose responsibility specifically belongs to the HR department. This means that there might be role confusion where the nursing department gives suggestions that HR perceive nursing unit is not mandated to do it. Additionally, the nursing department may not have confidence in the competencies of the HR when it comes to employee relations and the business knowledge when it comes to nursing issues(Mahdizadeh et al, 2017). Moreover, another challenge would emerge when trying to persuade the HR department to implement suggestions from the nursing department. For example, the nursing department may suggest some improvement and reforms that the HR department may not agree with, making implementation of such proposals difficult.

Strategies to Communicate and Partner with the HR Department

  • Establish formal communication policy that promotes open, clear and regular communications between the two departments
  • Hold regular meeting for the two departments (Abourbih et al, 2014)
  • The two departments should hold team building activities together in order to promote collaboration between the two departments
  • Nurse Managers should be included in human resource management where they should take part in hiring, training and inspiring employees. Nurse managers should also be involved in employee professional development
  • Partnership with the HR department can be improved by integrating the HR and nursing perceptions in order to create synergy
  • Leadership from nursing and HR should model collaborative behaviors and exhibit possible two-way communication and build a partnership that focuses on human dignity and value of work


The main goal of the HR department is to improve service delivery within the organization by recruiting the most competent workforce for care delivery and hence the vision of the department is to be the best employer and hire the most competent employees. The role of the HR department is to ensure that the organization has the most competent personnel and that there is continuous training for the employees. Challenges likely to occur between the two departments include lack of efficient communication and role-confusion. Finally, partnership and communication can be improved by establishing formal communication policy and promoting collaboration between the two departments Conducting a Professional Interview.