Computed tomography (CT) nursing paper

Computed tomography (CT) nursing paper

Articles in the scientific literature  over the past several years have implied that computed tomography (CT) may cause cancer and that physicians and patients must exercise caution in its use. What is your opinion regarding this subject. Please research and give your input abut the topic.

Minimal 4 paragraphs. ( No introduction is needed )


at least 3 scholarly sources are requested (No older that 5years) .

Examples of scholarly sourses:

-Published journal articles, books and other works (encyclopedias & newspapers)

-Official websites ending in .gov, .org, .edu (CDC,NIH,ADA,WHO, HARVARD, FIU,FNU)

Do not use Sites such Wikipedia, WebMD, Nursingworld, Allnurses they are NOT scholarly sources.

Computed tomography (CT) nursing paper