Community Based Education Medical Essay

Community Based Education Medical Essay

Health literacy is an on-going problem in the United States. For more than two decades health literacy is a hurdle to self-management of healthcare needs, compliance, and understanding. Nurses must become more effective in utilizing “teachable moments”, with each patient face. Traditional patient teaching strategies may no more be satisfactory in providing the needed education and support to patients, individuals and caregivers. Nurses will need to employ multiple strategies of patient teaching and avail themselves in various settings, to meet up with the ever-changing needs of the patients. Putting into action new strategies, for patient specific teaching, will certainly meet amount of resistance, as it will require a committed action from all stakeholders. Nurses give a valuable service through patient education. The change proposed, within this newspaper, is specific to the training of patients, in the community, because of their on-going healthcare management. Community Based Education Medical Essay

Health literacy is “the amount to which people have the capacity to acquire, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions” (Country wide Network of Libraries in Drugs, 2012, ¶ 1). The Country wide Security Foundation’s, “Ask Me 3 Health Literacy statement states, the health of 90 million people in the U. S. may be in danger due to difficulty some patients experience in understanding and acting upon health information” (Kirsh, et al, 2011, ¶ 1). “Literacy is one of the most powerful predictors of health position. In fact, all the studies that looked into the issue survey that literacy is a more powerful predictor of an individual’s health position than income, work status, education level, and racial or cultural group” (Weis, 2009, p. 13).


Proposed Change

The “call to teach patients” is certainly not not used to healthcare; in truth, “the Joint Payment on the Accreditation of Professional medical Organizations (JCAHO) has mandated that client and family education become a part of comprehensive care since 1993. ” (Freda, 2004, ¶1). However, patients continue to lack basic healthcare knowledge competence, strategies for effective implementation of the information, and self-confidence in self-management. Patient education can help promote well-being through compliance and prompt diagnosis of significant manifestations. Through establishment of community-based educational opportunities and resources, patients, family members and caregivers can access, gain knowledge, and build self-confidence in managing their health care needs. Community Based Education Medical Essay


Patients, young families, and caregivers can increase their understanding and working knowledge of healthcare issues as they understand through times of wellness and illness. Physicians and Nurse Experts will be able to send patients to the Community-Based Education Job for patient specific strategies for educational programs and one-on-one time with a health care educator. The community, at large, can utilize the Community-Based Education Job to improve their knowledge and understanding and will find the job to be always a useful resource in their lives. Financial followers would be able to demonstrate their dedication to the community and health and fitness. A job director, specified to oversee the legal and financial areas of the project, is usually to be appointed. Health care educators, and support personnel, would build, maintain, and revise resources, programs, and usage of health information.

Strategies for Change

The Community-Based Education Project, with respect to the community needs, size, and money, will be the hub for a number of educational materials, resources, and teachers. The community would access the project, much such as a library. Inside the facility, computers, literature, brochures, and coaching tools are available. A routine of on-site or telehealth coaching classes will be provide coaching of current healthcare issues affecting the city. Nurses will be onsite for planned consultations for patient-specific coaching. These visits provide physician-designated teaching strategies, such as anticoagulant or diabetic monitoring and management strategies. I addition, nurses will provide encouragement and support to the community participants. Computer animated software programs, internet access to health-related websites and resources, and up-to-date medication information demonstrates the type of education advertised at the website. Community Based Education Medical Essay

Barriers & Obstacles

With any change, there exists level of resistance. Marquis & Huston writes, “many makes are generating change in modern healthcare, including growing health-care costs, declining reimbursement, labor force shortages, increasing technology, the energetic aspect of knowledge, and an evergrowing elderly inhabitants” (2012, p. 163). Financial aspects seem to be to be the most dramatic barrier or obstacle to putting into action the Community-Based Education Job. There are federal, state, and local programs that may be accessible for assisting to fund and maintain the project. Insurance companies often require that patient good care and health advertising teaching, as an element to outpatient nursing services, like home health, thus may be eager to provide support. Cover of the Community-Based Education Job could prompt an obstacle to implementation, however each community could determine the best location because of their unique needs- some may choose to have the job within the city health division, or as a sub-service of the collection, health care establishment or facility, even a local chapel may be prepared to accommodate the project.


Tactical planning conferences will be conducted, to market available communication of needs, prospects and also to promote awareness. “Whenever you can, all those who may be damaged by change should be engaged in planning for that change” (Marquis & Huston, p. 171). Anticipating the potential for “abuse” of online services, the job would consider limiting access to networking sites or email accounts, and other sites that are not in keeping with the purpose of the project. Community Based Education Medical Essay

Nurses’ Role

Education is a component of medical all throughout record. Nurses would serve an intrinsic role of marketing the project and services to doctor, nursing homes, health promoters, and the community. Nurses would market research the stakeholders of each community to find the most frequent healthcare needs and tailor the program of events corresponding to prospects needs. Scheduled sessions would help determine the nursing work force was required to meet the requests for one-on-one education, as well as group opportunities. The nurses would be sensible to report the city participation, needs, and effectiveness of the job to the Job Director (predicated on the original composition and financial support). Community Based Education Medical Essay