Communication Techniques Research Essay

Communication Techniques Research Essay

-Describe the communication techniques you would use to interview a 40 years old black male recent immigrant from Africa without health insurance. -Explain why you would use these techniques and identify the risk assessment instrument you selected and justify why it would be applicable to the patient. -Provide 5 targeted questions you would ask the patient and possible interview summary. Communication Techniques Research Essay

Immigrating from one country to another is a daunting process. A great many people are migrating for a multitude of reasons. Individuals immigrate to social, political, and economic factors. Most African nations don’t have health insurance systems; instead, they use pay as you go system.

It is challenging to see a 40-year-old black man from Africa coming for consultation lacking healthcare coverage. I’m going to begin by introducing myself to the patient and ask the patient the following questions; When was the last time he had a doctor’s visit? The reasoning is to see how we can get his medical records from his physician, what is the medical history of your family? The reason is to understand just what risk to the individual is. What is his medical background? This should help the nurse to identify the kind of disease the person has encountered in the past. The next discussion will focus on how reliable the patient’s form of transport is. This is to know if the man can make it for appointments conveniently. I will also inquire about the drugs they are taking at the moment.


To truly understand my patient, I would use a variety of communication styles to obtain information from the patient. Communication refers to the transmission of non – verbal and verbal messages and comprises a receiver, a sender, and a medium of communication (Burgoon, Guerrero and Manusov 2016).  Observation will be among the communication strategies I will use. This technique will allow me to evaluate the physical status of the patient. Any of the aspects that the nurse may observe are the physical state of the patient, making sure they don’t have any bruises or deformities. The contact strategy Communication Techniques Research Essay

I would use is interpersonal interaction. It entails one-on-one communication with individuals (Kashyap, 2019). The explanation that I would use interpersonal communication methods and cognitive-communication strategies is that I will be able to perceive and objectively examine the patient. There is plenty that can be established only by simply observing a patient. One may infer that they are malnourished, see any deformity, or have some serious body disorder that has an impact on their health. Interpersonal contact techniques may also be included. This will encourage me to ask questions and have a dialogue with the individual.

Health risk assessment (HRA), is a monitoring tool that lets people understand and interpret their health concerns and track their health status over time. An HRA assists individuals in determining the chances of developing a chronic disease (Wu and Orlando, 2015). I am going to use the preventive treatment risk appraisal tool. The reasoning is to screen the individual for different illnesses. The reason is to be able to scan for concerns such as injury, fatigue, and anxiety, among others. I will ask the patient the following questions. What’s the patient’s medical history? What is the person’s family health information whether it involves a psychiatric condition? I’m going to like to inquire about what country he is coming from in Africa. The reasoning behind this issue is whether there is any medical concern associated with the origin of the patient. I am also going to ask regarding their insurance condition and how they’re going to use it for payment. This  to know if the patient is going to be able to pay his healthcare bill. This is also an opportunity to educate the individual on social services that can help patients get insurance coverage. Communication Techniques Research Essay


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