Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.


The Johari Window is a psychological model that explains about the relationship and the mutual interaction between people in a group. It is a tool that helps one understand their relationship with themselves and that of fellow members in a group.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay. The objective of this model is to create trust within the group setting by disclosing information about oneself with the group members. The Johari window is made up of four quadrants the open self, the blind self, the hidden self and the unknown self. The open self-quadrant explains the behaviours, attitudes, skills and features that one is aware of about themselves and are willing to share with others. It explains a state whereby one is straight forward to themselves and others about their intentions (Geyer and Young, 2009).Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.


The hidden self is the state of a person know to others but not known to him. This occurs especially when one unconsciously copies personalities. The hidden self indicates the state of a person known to himself but unknown to others (Parveen, 2015). This is seen mostly in introverts, people who do not share much about themselves. Lastly is the unknown self. This state is unknown to neither the individual nor to others.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay. In a health care setting where there is ineffective communication and the physicians are under immerse stress, the idea to solve this is increasing the open area of the Johari window. This can be done by reducing the hidden area, whereby the health care professionals tell one another about their unknown aspects. They could also help one another to minimize the blind area by trying to learn themselves from what others tell them (Videbeck, 2010). This would help bring sanity at the work environment.

2.  Formal communication depends on the formal organization in a firm. For effective management, communication should flow smoothly down the hierarchy of management. Formal communication stabilizes communication thus bringing out the clarity of the message. There are three types of formal communication: downward, upward and horizontal communication. Downward communication flows downwards through the management hierarchy, from the superiors to the subordinates (Scott and Lewis, 2017). This type of communication occurs during dissemination of orders, policy directives and instructions. Downward communication is beneficial if the feedback is constructive. This communication build up an atmosphere of transparency by passing information through the official channels. The employees’ morale is boosted by frequent downward communication as it shows the management is concerned about their progress.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

Upward communication is the opposite of downward communication. It originates from the subordinates to the superiors. Upward communication helps providing suggestion on how to improve the work environment, solving work related disputes and sharing ones feelings about the firm. Upward communication is very beneficial in solving problems. Once a problem is brought to the superiors, the bigger possibility is that it will not occur again.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay. This communication gives rise to valuable suggestions and ideas from the subordinates. The biggest disadvantage about this communication is that handing down of decisions by superiors could occur. Lastly, horizontal communication occurs among people at the same rank in an organization. This type of communication helps individuals interact at their level without involving those in other levels (Mukherjee, 2009). This type of communication is important in coordinating tasks, building of rapport, solving problems and sharing organization’s goal related information. This communication helps employees to develop sense of teamwork and work together to attain a common goal to the interest of the firm. However, problems like ego clashes could occur especially when one of the employees communicates regularly (Zink, 2018).Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

3. Restatement is a technique of active listening whereby the listener restates whatever they have heard from the speaker. Kearney-Nunnery (2015) claims that restatement helps assure the patient that the nurse has heard whatever is being communicated. It helps the client continue with their speech and is used at the initial stage of active listening. Reflection is sieving the main themes from the patient-nurse conversation then redirecting them to the patient. The health care practitioner listens to the patient’s feelings from the conversation then shares them back in a non-judgmental and open manner. This makes the patient able to explore their ideas and get a clearer understanding of their feelings. Clarification happens when the patient is given the opportunity to explain their feelings and wants in details. The nurse should look attentively to the patient to allow them continue expressing themselves. However, this technique should not be allowed until the patient clearly understands their current condition (Friberg and Creasia, 2016).

4. Therapeutic communication involves both verbal and nonverbal techniques to help care receiver needs and also promote the healing process. It is vital in providing holistic care to patients. Nonverbal communication does not involve word but body language to convey information. Contact between the clinician and the patient creates a focused relationship. This helps them attain a common health goal. Providing leads to the patient helps them continue discussing their feelings. It also helps come up with a new discussion focusing at a particular direction. Touch in therapeutic care is categorized into instrumental, expressive and protective touches. Protective touch prevents the patient from hurting themselves. Instrumental touch happens when the care giver is performing direct care. Expressive touch helps convey emotions, compassion and support to the patient. It is the most important type of touch during care for patients. It helps build a therapeutic relationship between the care giver and the patient and helps the patient appreciate that there is somebody caring for them (Sherko, Soriti and Lika, 2013).Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

American Sociology


This research study conducts a debate of perceptions regarding the legalization of marijuana for recreational use of adults in the USA. Opinions, both in favour and against the legalization policy have been presented and evaluated. Justifications against validity of the perception of various researchers who have given discrete opinion regarding the thought of legalisation of marijuana have also been conducted in this research study.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

Legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes

The legalisation of marijuana in Canada recently, has brought about extensive pressure from various Forum and also evoked debate among pressure groups regarding the justification of legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational purposes among adults in USA. while there are a lot of socialist groups who suppose that Canada has done a big mistake by legalisation of this drug, many others suppose that it is a futuristic step taken by the nation and should be followed by USA also.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

Canada became the first important Nation to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purpose. As suggested by Anderson & Rees (2014), the nation has taken this state as a social experiment to understand the psychological need of the citizen for marijuana. It can be expected that which the outcome of this experiment, the verdict of the government regarding marijuana can alter in the future also. The legalisation of this drug, as Cerdá et al., (2017) thinks, might effectively change the social, economic and cultural fabric of the country. If the drug is legalized in USA this would be one of the biggest public policy change as well as challenge for the national leaders in decades.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

As reflected by social analysts like Malouff, Rooke & Copeland (2014), so far and so long the government considers legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, it is socially acceptable. This is because he thinks that the consumption of weed is better than alcohol from many perspective. The amount of Anatomical damage that vocational and recreational weed consumption does compared to that of alcohol is minute. On the contrary, rare and rational consumption of weed has some biological advantages also. Marijuana acts as a splendid stress reliever for people also.

In case if marijuana is legalized, the rate of criminality in USA will be reduced by 10 to 18% also. Many petty drug peddlers and illegal marijuana consumers are arrested every year and held in prison. The production and pirated sale of marijuana which has been considered a crime so far, can be stopped easily if legalization process is done. Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.However, many researchers have framed the opinion that the legalisation of marijuana should be executed with great responsibility by the government. on one hand the government will be patronizing legal marriage honour stores that can sell pre rolled weed joints, fresh or dried flowers of marijuana well as Cannabis oil. On the other hand, the government will have to take strict measure and implement parallel laws in order to stop the illegal trafficking of marijuana across the country. Besides, the huge circle of crime operating with illegal transport and sales of marijuana has to be stopped completely.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.

Senior socialists like Pacula & Sevigny (2014), feel that the open sale and legal consumption of marijuana will definitely boost the number of weed consumers in the country and this might will become the cause of social Chaos in the long run. People might get high on marijuana and commit nuisance on the streets. The alarming rate of accidents caused over drinking and driving threatens a revamping of the same trauma with legalisation of marijuana consumption. However, in spite of all these social barriers comma recent survey conducted among the local population of various important cities of the country shows that 64% of the population on an average demands the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use of adults.

The public generally supported the perception that consumption of weed is much better than consuming cigarettes from which people die of lung cancer at a huge rate. The chances of acquiring lung cancer by consuming marijuana will be comparatively lesser by at least 15 to 30% since the tendency to consume marijuana can nullify the urge to consume cigarettes.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.


With neighbouring countries like Canada legalizing the use of marijuana on a recreational basis, USA stands a high chance of watching the government doing the same, especially under the reign of Trump. However overall implications of the discussions of the perception of various scholars and social researchers regarding the legalization of weed shows that the government will have to stay cautious always regarding the trend of consumption of weed with the legalisation of the drug in has to be strictly measured that the consumption of weed is done by adults only and that also really it has to be strictly measured that the consumption of weed is done by adults only and that also rarely and absolutely for recreational purpose.Communication in Therapeutic Care Essay.