Cholesterol Essay Paper

Cholesterol Essay Paper

Most of the foods we consume nowadays contain lots of cholesterol. Many people are not aware that fatty foods have high levels of cholesterol in them; they only assume that these fatty foods only lead to one being overweight. The effects of cholesterol are not visible and take place inside a person’s body and one comes to realize this upon consulting the doctor who explains that a disorder or condition has been caused by high levels of cholesterol. Though high cholesterol in the blood may result from genetic factors, most of it accrues from food that is consumed.Cholesterol Essay Paper



I live in a society where fast food outlets are at every corner of the street. Am very observant of what I eat and mostly eat organic foods so as to stay healthy and support the local economy. Most of the people don’t like organic foods and most of their food comes from these fast food outlets. I think people just choose to turn blind and deaf of the fact that the food from these outlets has many side effects. They prefer to eat hamburgers, chips and other fast foods over organic foods because they simply taste good. They don’t usually see the impact of these foods on their health. Most doctors usually advise people with high levels of cholesterol to change their diet and consume less fatty foods and natural foods.Cholesterol Essay Paper

Foods with high fat content leads to high levels of cholesterol. Some of the most visible signs I have seen with people in my society is shortness of breath.

This is highly related to cholesterol in the body and results to high blood pressure which may eventually lead to a heart attack. Most people don’t know about how to contain their cholesterol levels and maybe those who know chose to ignore. What most people don’t know is that cholesterol is usually a type of fat which is made in the body. It is important for good health and is usually present in every cell in the body. Its level is usually balanced but consuming food with lots of saturated fats may destabilize this balance and may lead to diseases such as heart attacks and stroke.Cholesterol Essay Paper

Very many people usually have cholesterol levels which are above the normal level. Most of the people do not eat properly and to don’t have regular medial check-ups to check their cholesterol levels. They often wake up in the morning, apply margarine on the bread, on their way to work they have a burger and during lunch they eat chips and on their way home from work they take another hamburger or hot dog. They may also be called up by some friends to stop over at their house for pizza accompanied by some wine. This is the typical eating habits of the working class; they rarely have time to cook some healthy foods because they are usually very busy. This eating habit is very unhealthy and at the end of the day that person does not realize the impact of the food he or she has eaten during the day on his or her health.Cholesterol Essay Paper

Such people rarely have time for practice and thus all these fats accumulate on the blood vessels making them very narrow such that enough oxygen does not get to the heart especially when one is doing work that requires a lot of energy. This is why I see most people complaining about chest pains and shortness of breath especially when climbing up a steep road or set of stairs. Their cholesterol levels are usually revealed to them when they develop signs of heart disease because they tend to ignore the minor signs such as shortness of breath. The most common factors which are known to contribute to high cholesterol in the blood are; diet that has lots of fats that are saturated, lack of exercise, genetic factors, overweight problem, age and gender and drinking lots of alcohol which is above the recommended rate.Cholesterol Essay Paper

Most of these factors as one can see are food related causes. With age cholesterol levels increase because people are not willing to take any measures to stop bad eating habits. This condition is prevalent in our society and large numbers of people suffer from high blood pressure which results from high cholesterol levels. People consume lots of fats yet they are not willing to sacrifice some time to practice or are simply too busy to have time for practice. Practice reduces the chance of fats to accumulate on blood vessels since one is using lots of energy. Choosing not to practice costs most people their lives and good health. But the main causal factor of high cholesterol level is the diet which one consumes. I consulted a physician about the problem and he told me that when one is diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol, he or she told to take foods with less saturated fat for six months.Cholesterol Essay Paper

The doctor told me that within the duration of six months ninety percent of these patients’ blood cholesterols stabilize. Lowering ones cholesterol demands ones efforts to change their diet and managing their weight. This is usually a self help method failure to which the sufferer is helped by a doctor by administering pills for reducing cholesterol levels and at this stage the amount is usually out of control. Health eating habits reduce cholesterol. People who observe diets which have low saturated fats and low in fat overall are usually very healthy and their cholesterol level remains stable. Foods which are liked by people especially children such as butter, margarine, biscuits, pizzas, cakes, red meat and cheese often tend to have lots of saturated fats and so individuals should eat less of these foods .Cholesterol Essay Paper

They should be taken occasionally and in this case they won’t have any adverse effects on the health of an individual. Foods such as eggs, liver and kidney have less saturated fat and thus they should be eaten unless the doctor has advised not to.

I would advise people to consume organic foods more to avoid these regular visitations to the doctor because of problems that can be avoided. Most of the organic foods are usually in fresh form and thus fruits and vegetables can be available there.Cholesterol Essay Paper
Most of these fruits have high soluble fiber which lowers and maintains cholesterol levels. People should observe healthy eating habits and as the saying goes that ‘prevention is better than cure’ because they would not pay regular visits to the doctor and they would remain healthy most of the time. A study conducted by Tang et al (1998) showed that a change in diet reduces cholesterol levels and that it was an in general essential in modifying risk factors. They found that eating healthy can reduce cholesterol levels by ten to fifteen percent. Cholesterol Essay Paper