Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper


Marjorie Gordon’s idea of 11 useful health patterns assists to systematize basic family evaluation information (John, 2012). This consistent arrangement will direct nurses to absolute family evaluation employing scheme approaches, which later will recognize the patients’ risk factors and developmental stages. When the dysfunctional and functional types of behavior are recognized by scrutinizing a certain family history or an individual, the planning should begin immediately in order to attain the objectives and required nursing practices for children. This will assist nurses to make interference to modify persuade factors to endorse positive alters (John, 2012). As a result, this paper will critically evaluate how Marjorie Gordon’s 11 patterns can assist in Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment.Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper


As noted by Willey and Sons (2012), Gordon’s 11 fictional health patterns are – nutrition and elimination, sleep and rest, activity and exercise, role and relationship, cognitive and self-perception, health perceptions and health management, coping stress, value and belief, sexuality and reproduction. It is worth noting that nursing assesses and diagnoses these 11 functional heath patterns (John, 2012).Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

According to John (2012), an online appraisal unit in the sickbay clinical information scheme was put into practice. This unit makes use of Gordon’s functional fitness pattern assessment as the basis for the expert nursing certification scheme in this academic fitness science center. The article offers description design of the alleyway for the on-line appraisal, psychiatry of the design, payback of making use of the on-line assessment, and lessons erudite from implementations of the pathways and design (Willey & Sons, 2012).Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

Gordon claims that functional fitness pattern establishes a guide for complete nursing information base. Willey and Sons (2012) state that these categories introduce a methodical and standardized approach to information compilation; furthermore, they enable nurses to determine the following characteristics of human biological functions and health. Health management and health perception information gathered focus on the individuals’ perceived health levels and state as well as on practice for sustaining health. As noted by John (2012), behaviors that might be harmful to the individual’s health undergo additional assessment, including drug use, alcohol and smoking.Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

According to John (2012), potential problems associated with health management and safety can be well-known as the requirements for alterations in needs for sustained monitoring in the habitat. Metabolism and nutrition assessment is based on the pattern of fluid utilization comparative to metabolic exigency and food. In addition, the sufficiency of nutrients supplied locally is appraised. According to Willey and Sons (2012), genuine or possible problems associated with tissue integrity, host defenses, and fluid balance can be defined; issues concerning the gastrointestinal system are determined as well. Elimination information compilation is based on excretory patterns like bowels, skin and bladder. Problems of excretory functions such as constipation incontinence, urinary retention and diarrhea can be identified as well (John, 2012).Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

Willey and Sons (2012) argue that exercise and activity assessment is mainly based on the daily activities that require energy losses; these include exercises, relaxation and self-care. It is also worth noting that the state of the main systems of an organism that participate in exercise and activity is evaluated; these comprise cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems among others. Perception and cognition assessment is based on the capability to understand and employ information; it is also based on the sensorial roles (John, 2012).Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper Information relevant to neurologic functions is composed to help this procedure. Sensory feelings, like varied sensorial input and pain, might be identified and further assessed. As proposed by Willey and Sons (2012), assessment of rest and sleep is based on the individuals’ rest, relaxation and sleep practices. Fatigue, dysfunctional doze patterns as well as responses to doze deprivation might be defined. Self-concept and self-perception assessment is based on the individuals approach towards self, which include sense of personal worth, identity and body image (John, 2012).Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

According to John (2012), the individual’s rate of self-respect and reaction to intimidation to her or his self-concept might be established. Relationships and roles assessment is based on the individual’s part in the universe in general and in association with other people in particular. Willey & Sons (2012) claim that contentment with roles, dysfunctional relationships and role tense can be further assessed. According to Willey & Sons (2012), reproduction and sexuality assessment is based on the individual’s contentment or discontent with reproductive functions and sexuality pattern. As a result, anxiety with sexuality ought to be defined.Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper

Evaluation of stress endurance focuses on the individual’s acuity of stress and on the methods of dealing with it; thus, sustenance systems are assessed, and signs of strain are distinguished. The efficiency of the individual’s methods of dealing with strain and stress endurance might be further appraised (Willey & Sons, 2012).

Evaluation of values and beliefs focuses on the individual’s principles and mentality, religious beliefs, and on the objectives that direct the person’s decisions and choices.Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper


A complete family assessment provides a base to encourage family health. Marjorie Gordon’s 11 useful health patterns should be employed by nurses; they will enable them to have a proper frame work intended for the family evaluation. Family health assessment is the only significant method in forming the fitness care plan to espouse for every family. Nurses play a major role in promotion of health. Children’s Functional Health Pattern Essay Paper