Change Implementation and Management Plan.

Change Implementation and Management Plan.


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Change Implementation and Management Plan
Date:Change Implementation and Management Plan.


Issues Affecting the Organization
The organization is currently being affected by a significant increase in the cases of hospital-associated infections (HAIs).
HAIs result in emotional stress and functional disorders, thus reducing the quality of life of the patients (Voidazan et al., 2020).
In some cases, HAIs increases the length of hospitalization and the costs for healthcare (Haque et al., 2018).
Preventable death cases are also caused by HAIs.
Consequently, a change need to be implemented to mitigate the high rate of these infections.
The proposed change, involves the adoption of hand hygiene measures in the organization.Change Implementation and Management Plan.


The Implementation of Hand Hygiene and its Impact in the Organization
The proposed change involves the implementation of hand hygiene measures in the organization.
The plan involves two key strategies.
Washing hand regularly with soap and running water and
Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
These measures will limit the spread of pathogens that cause these infections.
Consequently, the cases of HAIs in the organization and their effects will reduce significantly.Change Implementation and Management Plan.


Affected Stakeholders and Change Management Team
The change will affect key stakeholders in the healthcare organization, specifically nurse leaders, nurse practitioners, and patients.
Nurse leaders will spend time to educate the NPs about the new measures.
NPs will be expected to implement the proposed change in their practices.
The patients will be affected through improved quality of care.
The change management team will constitute of a change manager and representatives of the stakeholders affected by the change.Change Implementation and Management Plan.

Change Communication and Risk Mitigation Plans
The proposed change will be communicated to the stakeholders through a well-developed plan.
The communication plan will constitute of a series of three major steps.
The major risk associated with the proposed change is rejection by the nurse practitioners.
Most of them will consider practicing hand hygiene measures as involving and time consuming.
This risk can be mitigated by educating the NPs about the benefits of the proposed change to individuals and the organization.Change Implementation and Management Plan.

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