Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper

Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper

Cerebral palsy refers to a brain disorder caused by an injury in some parts that are usually in control of a person’s ability to utilize the muscles and bodies. Cerebral is anything that relates to the brain while palsy refers to that weakness that arises with the use of the muscles.  It is clear that often the injury occurs before birth, during parturition or after birth. Cerebral palsy can either be severe mild or moderate (Miller, 2005). There are several signs and variations of cerebral palsy developed by doctors. Some of these are coordination problems and movements associated to the disorder may include muscle tone variations, lack muscle coordination, walking, sucking, eating and speaking difficulties, moreover muscles that are stiff with exaggerated reflexes among others.Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper

Scientist associate cerebral palsy with primary limitation of one side of the body or a limb, also it may affect the whole body. The injury in the brain causing the disorder does not change with time as the symptoms does not worsen when a person becomes older. It is also crucial to treat the muscles and their rigidity in order to prevent them from getting worse. Some other neurological tribulations associated to intellect abnormalities linked with cerebral palsy develops for person difficulties in hearing and vision, seizures, pain perceptions and abnormal touch. Again, a person has intellectual disabilities and the retardation of the mind. It is necessary to seek a quick diagnosis whenever there is the detection of a disorder in a child movement or incase of evident delay in a child growth rate.


Those children who have cerebral palsy disorders have problems with their development. Some of these problems include tendon stiffness and muscle. Normally, this affects one part of the body or sometimes both. This stiffness interferes with smooth walking among other movements. It is clear that those children who have both SH and SD cerebral palsy forms walk and crawl as compared to the unaffected people.Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper These people tend to avoid the affected part of the body when crawling, and in the process of walking, some avoid using the affected parts of their body.  However, the children with SQ are unable to walk. Another effect is on children with cerebral palsy who achieves a delayed standard maturity landmark. They have meager manual harmonization and difficulties in speaking. It is noteworthy that cerebral palsy affects all muscles including those of the mouth and tongue. Therefore, there are strong links between speech problems and cerebral palsy. Nevertheless, the children lack tone muscle, and facial control whereby they show spastic contractions that are uncontrollable. Finally, children may develop spine curvature, writhing movements of both legs and hands and tremor while reaching for target objects. All these problems are caused by cerebral palsy affect the child development stages.

According to Erikson, adolescent stage determination depends on the functions of the people in opposing of what they have had done for themselves. This stage is characterized by ego identity where people at this stage try hard to determine their identity in terms of education and career. These people tend to be independent and withdraw from both parents and peers in this stage (Hickey, 2009). Whenever puberty happens, sexual awareness jerks in raising the need for experimentation. What is clear is that people with cerebral palsy complications have a lot of time and cannot be able to resolve their identity easily. This is because they experience development complications and drag behind compared to others without those complications. According to Erickson, it is essential to help these individuals at this phase and to assist them in achieving their goals in the classroom.Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper

There is an increased need in the security and prevention of occurrence of injury in the nursing management process. Such security can be achieved by avoidance, keeping children away from harmful objects, keeping a strong eye on them during activities, and ensuring that children are given a break when they are tired. In the sense of seizures, the installation of a safety device inside the mouth to prevent the tongue from being bitten is crucial (Gilliam, 1977).

The other relevant nursing management is through increment of the substantial mobility. This step can be achieved through the examination of both muscle tone and the body joints, conducting a physical therapy, teaching on how to use the walker among others. It is necessary to teach on how a person gets in touch with objects, move the limbs and proper ROM.


The improvements in communication are also a positive move in the management of cerebral palsy in the brain. It can be achieved by means of using materials such as cards, whiteboards, and pictures. The family of the affected child should be involved in educating the children on how to communicate and refer them to a therapist (London, 2011).  Nutritional improvement such as proper examination of the child’s diet and also checking the weight on a daily basis is crucial. The family members should help cerebral palsy children with their daily needs in respect to their abilities.Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper

Another nursing management is on prevention of aspirations occurrence, which can be successful through a close examination of a child breathing patterns. It is also beneficial to increase the intellectual need through child teachings based on verbal and nonverbal signs. This enhancement process ensures the knowledge role of a child in attaining care. Again, the child needs are achieved appropriately. Finally, prevention of the impaired skin veracity is crucial in cerebral palsy. This is a point where examination of the emotions is involved.  The ancillary equipment is also found here. Prevention of a skin lotion in the process of preventing dry skin is a key nursing management move.Cerebral Palsy in Adolescence Paper