Causes of Drug Usage Assignment

Causes of Drug Usage Assignment

Since such a phenomenon as drug usage appeared in the society, a lot of efforts were made to comprehend the reasons of it. Getting an understanding of what leads to drug usage and how the process of involving in this “disease” occurs is of a great importance for planning and maintenance of work performance. This paper is going to analyze the main causes of drug usage.

According to the available data, the average age at which a person gets engaged in drug addiction is 12 – 17 years. What incites one to such a step?  For solving this problem we have to dive into the grounds of it.Causes of Drug Usage Assignment

Curiosity and thirst for new emotions and feelings are among the major causes of drug usage. All in this life should be tested and experienced. A person begins to use drugs for the purpose of cognition. One wants to be a grown-up, or a man of fashion, or just could not refuse a tempting offer to try something new, unknown, and obscure. An aspiration for satisfaction is peculiar to every living thing. One consciously uses drugs hoping to ease psychological state. A person strives to achieve euphoria, to relax, to avoid pain or unpleasantness, or just to ease pressure.


As we live in society, one can easily come under negative social influence. This will be displayed in a strong desire to resemble friends, acquaintances, or to correspond to a particular group.

Defects of upbringing can be also referred to the basic reasons of drug usage, which leads to inadequate, distorted system of spiritual values, and defective state of mind. Exceeding parent’s guardianship gives raise to infantilism and child’s unwillingness to be responsible for own life, and as a result, one goes with the stream. Ignorance of a child’s problem is also dangerous – a teenager can withdraw into oneself and begin to search necessary positive emotions in drugs. Here it is also worth mentioning the pressure of social and economic family troubles. Drugs in this case become a powerful incitement to change unfavorable reality.Causes of Drug Usage Assignment

Genetic reasons, mental, and intellectual weakness of a person are also the driving motives of drug addiction. Gregarious instinct and unwillingness to apprehend all around, to learn the laws of nature and social development, and to know oneself are inherent in people inclined to drugs.

The use of drugs blocks all feelings. The person stops getting pleasure from common and simple things in life. If one wants to feel content, one should take pleasure in every moment and enjoy the life as it is. The whole complex of the factors, causes, and basic reasons pointed above are directed to remember that health is the most blessing thing. Causes of Drug Usage Assignment