Case Study – Mozart Effect

Case Study – Mozart Effect

Attached is a case study entitled “Mozart Effect.” Choose three questions, found at the end, to answer. Utilize your reading assignment to support your responses. One to two sentence responses will not be accepted as a completed assignment.


1. Identify the independent variable(s).

2. Identify the dependent variable(s).

3. What aspects of the study did the researchers control? What aspects did they fail to control?

4. What were the results of the study?

5. What conclusions do the researchers reach?

6. Based on the design and results of this study, do you believe that the researchers are justified in reaching these conclusions? Why or why not?

7. Now look at the study that you and your group designed. Did you control for any of the problems present in the Rauscher et al. study? If so, what?

Case Study – Mozart Effect