Cardiology Nursing Staff Essay

Cardiology Nursing Staff Essay

Undoubtedly, cardiac patients at the greatest risk are geriatrics approaching the age of 70 and experience cardiac pain even at rest. According to cardiologists, their electrocardiogram is quite characteristic in the sense that it has a segment of depression at the initial points. In handling these patients, clinical nurses are required to take utmost care because of the relative weakness of their organ systems with regards to drug interactions and drug metabolism. For instance, geriatrics could easily suffer drug toxicities as drug metabolic systems are not that competent to actively degrade the drug active agents in a predictable manner.Cardiology Nursing Staff Essay As such, clinical nursing specialists must provide them with adequate and accurate in-service programs to triumph over their disease situations. On the other hand, cardiac patients who belong to the medium risk group often experience various complications that clinical nurses must properly take care of. These include the risk of ischemia after myocardial infarction, heart failure, diabetes mellitus or aspirin doze. According to current nursing modules, such patients are supposed to receive an appropriate doze of glycoprotein II b/ III a receptor inhibitors to help ease their complications, especially for conditions induced by aspirin does (Blevins & DeArmond, 1995).

The fundamental aspect of my objectives will be to rightly identify high risk patients and accord them the timely medical attention that is required of the medical profession. It would be appropriate and cost effective, for instance, to manage patients with no major risk factors even after exertion outside the hospital setting. Conversely, patients who exhibit these risk factors should not only be placed under clinical investigation, but should also be given the appropriate drugs that would effectively manage their complications. In this case, I would undoubtedly corporate with pharmaceutical professionals, especially clinical pharmacists, to administer the best kind of drugs and avoid drug interactions. Indeed, the practice of clinical nursing would take cognizance of the fact that the recent developments in the treatment and management of acute coronary syndromes have been mainly due to increased patient awareness of their patho-physiology.Cardiology Nursing Staff Essay This would enable them identify the areas where patients need to be educated so that they can take charge of their health. For example, I would ensure that I initiate education with a view to enlightening the people about the rapture of atherosclerotic plagues that eventually causes intracoronary thrombosis. Besides, I will educate them on the risks of embolism, especially from a friable coronary thrombus that could eventually lead to tissue necrosis as blood supply will be inadequate (Morrison & Monagle 2009).


Numerous clinical researches aimed at identifying the factors that increase cardiac patients’ risks of death or severe myocardial infarction have elucidated new disease trends. The most significant of them is the acute ST depression that typically occurs at the initial sections of the cardiogram. This, together with age, hemodynamic instability and pain at rest, should properly be captured in defining patients’ therapy as well as the type of drugs to be administered. In addition, it would determine whether a patient is placed in the clinical wards or left to receive therapy from the comfort of their homes. My work will essentially entail a professional consideration of these factors (Munts 1967).Cardiology Nursing Staff Essay

In conclusion, the goals and objectives of my project practicum will intend to demonstrate advanced in clinical nursing with regards to cardiovascular diagnoses. In addition, the coursework will focus on the review of the current literature with particular emphasis on the treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). Essentially, it would require that I develop an in-service for cardiology nursing staff related to new treatments for ACS and present as a roving in-service that is acceptable to all stakeholders.  This would ideally be achieved through coordinated work with preceptor to identify high risk cardiac patients with a view to following them throughout practicum for regular consultation regarding nursing care.Cardiology Nursing Staff Essay