Business Plan On Organizational Plan Essay.

Business Plan On Organizational Plan Essay.


Metropolis Health System is a business idea that was brought up by two former work mates of New Zealand national hospital. The Business establishment located in the Dubai 3300 street currently offers improved medical services to the general public.
The business aims to achieve the main objective of quality provision of medical services to its clients. It will serve patients within the city. It also aims to expand its branches to other parts of the country within two months of its initiation.Business Plan On Organizational Plan Essay.


It offers the following medical services:

  • Dentistry services
  • Medical consultancy
  • Inpatient and outpatient clinic
  • General medical checkups

The business now aims to curve itself a niche in the medical market by introducing a cardiology lab that will see the highly qualified doctors perform heart surgeries.

Business management

The organization’s management is composed of two managerial personnel (the former work mates) .They will head different department s of the clinic and serve at different capacities of the management. They are all qualified practitioners of dentistry with exceptional skills, expertise and experience based on their previous positions at their jobs in government hospitals.
Dr. Erick, who will be the chief doctor of the clinic and in charge of overall management of the firm, attained his undergraduate degree in Dental Medicine and Surgery from Oxford University in the United Kingdoms in 1992. He has since then served as a dentist and risen above ranks in different government hospitals to the level of senior dentist. He has also trained several scholars in the field of pediatric dentistry, an area of his specialization.
Dr. Mohammed, who will head the laboratory section, has worked as a laboratory doctor for fifteen years in government hospitals. He holds a Bachelors degree in cardiology. Other two doctors have been identified to manage other operation of the business (They are also qualified doctors and practitioners of dentistry in competent hospitals. They have served as doctors for considerably long periods of time and worked in the management positions and therefore have the relevant experience and skills required by the business.
Our management, besides the above specific qualifications is made of potential managers who have in the past in their jobs and managerial jurisdictions demonstrated the following qualifications and characteristics:Business Plan On Organizational Plan Essay.

  • good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • a mastery of the code of conduct and ethics of the profession of dentistry;
  • Certified members of the board of Dentists of the United Republics of Emirates.
  • A great passion for the management of the practice of cardiology and general medical services
  • A demonstrated exercise of the primary duties of the involvement of their respective departments.
  • Marketing plan
  • Market Survey

During the research stage, we explored the cardiology market to ascertain the risks that we would face. However the research showed that we have a high chance of survival in this under dominated market.
The main objective of this survey is to study the market trends and the changing needs of the clients in order to develop an elaborate marketing strategy that will help the organization obtain a higher market share in relation to its competitors.
The researcher employed the use of observation of the market trends by analyzing the available data at the economic department of Emirates.
Results of the survey showed that Most of the clinics operating in Dubai deal with a wider clientele. They are merely general doctors who attend to patients across age and with varied ailments. This business will however concentrate on offering cardiology operations to the residents of Dubai. By doing this we aim to curve ourselves a niche in the field of medicine and medical care

Target market

We are therefore unique in the market- a prerequisite of success in business leading to a large market share. The introduction of cardiology lab will ensure that we minimize competitors in our area of specialization and in turn maximize on the company’s profit margin: Our target market being the general population and specifically mainly the people suffering from heart problems.Business Plan On Organizational Plan Essay.

Through quality services we will reach more clients as a result of referrals and repeat business.

Financial Plan

Start-up Capital Summary

This organization will require a total start up capita $ 21,500,000 in order to finance its operations.

To facilitate its start, we will look for loans from financial and non-financial institutions to supplement our personal savings.

Each of the two partners will produce a minimum sum of capital $50 million. Other sources of funding:

Banks: $20 million

Donations: $ 12 million

The business’s main sources of revenue will be from the sale of services to our esteemed clientele.Business Plan On Organizational Plan Essay.