BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

BSN-prepared nurses have many opportunities to reflect on their contributions to patient care outcomes during clinical experiences. After a patient care interaction, it is important to evaluate how well you addressed the criteria set for the nurse-patient interaction and consider future improvements. Research suggests that creating and sharing a script to a video reflection may enhance learning (Speed, Lucarelli, & Macaulay, 2018). BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay


Write 3,000 – word reflection of your capstone project.

The national shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) has helped generate formidable interest in the nursing profession among people entering the workforce and those pursuing a career change. According to a report issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service in 2002, the national population is continuing to grow and age and medical services continue to advance, so the need for nurses will continue to increase. They report from 2000 to 2020 the predicted shortage of nurses is expected to grow to 29 percent, compared to a 6 percent shortage in 2000. With the projected supply, demand, and shortage of registered nurses and nursing salaries ever-increasing, the nursing profession can offer countless opportunities. But first one must…show more content…
To practice evidence-based nursing, one must understand the concept of research and how to precisely evaluate research. ADN programs are primarily geared towards the basic nursing skills and lack exposure to this type of research. The BSN programs will cover a broader range of theory-based practice, as well as encourage more developed adaptation skills. The result will be an overall better patient outcome, due to the higher level of education. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

There is also an increased advantage to having a BSN when attempting to move beyond a staff nurse position. A study conducted by Kearney (1994), on academic advising of RN to BSN students, found that one of the main motivations for returning to school for RNs was the gained potential for promotion. BSN programs will provide more course work focusing on leadership and communication skills, which are essential for advancement within the workforce. Based on the findings by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2004, BSN prepared nurses only accounted for approximately 30 percent of the workforce, with the majority of practicing registered nurses only holding associate degrees. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

A core component of nursing education is the clinical experience. Students participate in supervised learning sessions in real world health care environments, which provide them with the opportunity to put what they’ve learned in the classroom into practice.

Clinical learning takes place in a variety of settings across the health care continuum and is supervised by preceptors, who are experienced practitioners and educators who foster students’ critical thinking and clinical skills safely. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

Clinical rotations can take place in different types of health care facilities throughout the region, ranging from a Trauma 1 medical center to community hospitals to non-profit clinics. The variety in settings helps to prepare students to interact appropriately and effectively with patients from all walks of life.

One of the advantages of enrolling in Pitt Nursing is that students participate in more than 1,200 hours of increasingly complex clinical experiences at one of the dozens of care facilities in the area. Students can learn in some of the country’s best-known healthcare entities including a children’s hospital, community outpatient facility, rehabilitation center, long-term care facility, cancer center, and an in-patient psychiatric institute. Clinical rotations can also take place in a variety of community settings, including nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and neighborhood clinics. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

Differences in Competencies between ADN and BSNOver the past few decades, many drastic changes occurred in U.S health care delivery. Our current healthcare trends demand nurses to take more active role in the health care decisions in hospital setting, long term care setting and in community healthcare setting.

Since “nursing is based upon a body of knowledge that is always changing with new discoveries and innovation” Potter and Perry (2005), nursing profession is compelled to grow from being just a traditional bedside nurse. IOM’s future of nursing report which is released in 2010 calls nurses to be “more highly educated, diverse nursing workforce”. There are two educational routes for becoming a professional registered nurse in U. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

S. One of the educational routes is be Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and another one is obtaining Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) or Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Although, both degrees enable nurses to get licensed as a Registered Professional Nurse, there are differences among Associate level prepared nurses and Baccalaureate level prepared nurses. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

In order to meet the requirements and demands of our changing health care system, nurses have to be least Baccalaureate level prepared. First of all, Associate degree program is a two year program that is usually offered by community college or junior college. Upon graduation, ADN student’s earn70 credits. The BSN program is usually four year of study in a college or university with at least 120 credits upon completion of the degree. While both ADN and BSN degree, teach nursing students the basic nursing curriculum such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, behavioral sciences, medical surgical nursing, maternity, psychiatry, pediatrics and community health etc. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

“Bachelor’s degree in Nursing offers more classes that focus on evidence-based clinical practices and leadership” Moore(2009). Additional coursework included in BSN degree are in research, statistics, critical thinking and emphasize on public health/community health. The additional classes a BSN have to take are very significant because it broaden nurse’s knowledge and broaden their scope and enable them to become well ground nurse who treat their patient as a whole person and not just the disease or diagnosis. While there is no skill and competency differences among Associate degree prepared nurse and Baccalaureate level prepared nurse, the BSN degree nurses have more critical thinking skills that equip them for evidence based practice in clinical setting.The article by Moore (2009) states that “Students entering associate degree nursing programs are focused on learning the technical aspects of nursing appropriate to providing direct care to patients and families, mostly in acute care settings.” Client care requires more than just application of scientific knowledge. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

It requires the nurse to apply critical thinking and clinical decision making effectively. Bachelor’s prepared nurses use critical thinking effectively than Associate prepared Nurse since the BSN curriculum emphasize the need for critical thinking. The first component of critical thinking is a nurse’s specific knowledge base. This varies according to a nurse’s educational experience. “Numerous research studies have demonstrated that the ADN and BSN nurses are not different in skill competency when they graduate, but within a year, the BSN nurses show greater critical thinking skills, better problem solving, and the development of clinical judgment”. Moore (2009). Nurse’s broad knowledge base gives the nurse a more holistic view of clients and their health care needs. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay


The depth and extend of knowledge influence the nurse’s ability to think critically about nursing problems. Nurses are responsible for making accurate and appropriate clinical decisions.As a Bachelor’s prepared nurse enters the health care system since he/ she is trained in school they are able to use the critical thinking skill and problem solving better than Associate prepared nurse.

Bachelor’s prepared nurses are better equipped to make clinical decision more effectively and efficiently. Nurses have to make clinical decisions all the time to improve a client’s health and to maintain wellness. For example, it is the nurse who usually takes immediate action when a client’s clinical condition deteriorates, who decides if a client is experiencing complications that warrant notification of the physician. A nurse must be able to think critically, solve problems and find the best solution for client’s need to assist clients in maintaining or improving their health BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay  For instance, if an elderly patient status post hip replacement, bed-bound complains of pain in the affected leg and swelling, an ADN prepared nurse might carry out the order for pain management and will elevate the leg to subside swelling. On the other hand, a baccalaureate prepared nurse will critically think about the potential complication status post hip replacement surgery and will take the clinical manifestation of swelling of the leg might be secondary to DVT and will notify the Medical Provider immediately in order to prevent complication. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay

“Research has shown that lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors, and positive outcomes are all linked to nurses prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate degree levels” Rosseter (2012) Nursing must reflects the needs and values of society through implementing the standards of professional performance and the standards of care.Baccalaureate level prepared nurses are more prepared to incorporate the science and art of nursing into their practice and consequently the quality of care provided to clients is at a level of excellence that benefits clients in innumerable ways. As the IOM: Future of nursing report states, nurses have to be Baccalaureate prepared in order to address the various issues face our healthcare via nursing research, leadership, management and health promotion. BSN Prepared Nursing Clinical Experience Essay