BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project.

BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project.

Discussion 3 PICO question This is the first part of a project: PICO question 1- Identify an evidence-based topic for development throughout the semester (My topic is Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI)) Please develop a PICO question related to CDI. 2- Identify potential BSN care practices you are interested in using for your evidenced-based practice (EBP) project. 3- Identify barriers to implementing EBP in a clinical setting. 4- Which types of activities will you use for selecting your topic? You don\’t need to use any reference for this part of the project.BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project.


Evidence-Based Topic

  1. Difficile is a major cause of HAIs and is associated with more than 500,000 infections annually in the US (Ragusa et al., 2018). With its increasing severity and incidence over the years, today, it colonizes up to 17% of hospitalized adults and the highest colonization rates are among elderly patients placed in institutions of long-term care. To add on, between 25-33% of patients diagnosed with primary CDI managed with oral vancomycin or metronidazole experience CD-associated colitis and diarrhea with high mortality and morbidity(Ragusa et al., 2018). The drastic change in its epidemiology in healthcare settings has influenced its emergence as an issue of public health significance across the globe and in the United States.BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project.

BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project

Ragusa et al. (2018) recommend hand hygiene as the most integral risk factor in HAIs. According to the recommendations provided by WHO, healthcare providers should practice hand hygiene through handwashing with soap and water in five steps; before contact with a patient or medical equipment, doing an aseptic procedure, after contact with a body fluid, patient contact, and contact with a patient’s environment. In resource-limited settings where there is scare water supply, healthcare providers can use alcohol-based hand rubs or sanitizers.BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project.

Barriers to Implementing EBP In A Clinical Setting

The most likely barriers to implementing EBP in clinical settings are; the resistance from staff, inadequate time, and lack of leadership or managerial support.

Activities for Selecting the EBP Topic

  • Choosing a framework to make decisions
  • Developing the PICOT question- Does handwashing with soap and water (I) compared to using alcohol-based hand sanitizer (C) decrease the incidence of hospital-acquired C. Difficile infections (O) among hospitalized patients (P).
  • Selecting team members
  • Searching for evidence
  • Conducting a critical evidence appraisal
  • Applying evidence into practice

BSN Care Practices to Use in the EBP Project.