Blood Case Essay Example Paper

Blood Case Essay Example Paper

Utilitarianism is essentially based on the utility principle which proclaims that an act is good if it leads to the emancipation of happiness or pleasure (especially if it leads to the greatest pleasure/happiness). The major mission of the health care sector is to save as many lives as possible. This entails preventing the occurrence of disability or death under avoidable circumstances. Sole Levin’s initiative of establishing the Plasma International with a mission of selling blood with a price tag of $25 per pint is essentially justified. In recent times, there have been major occurrences of events in which major blood transfusions were required. Consider an incident like the September 11 terrorist attacks in which there were major calamities; supposing there were no blood bank services to support the much needed transfusion services, you can project the number of lives that may go unsaved because of a deficit.Blood Case Essay Example Paper

Moreover, Sole Levin’s initiative is justified in the sense that blood transfusion services are essential in the face of increasing epidemiologic conditions, which warrant frequent blood exchanges. Patients suffering from serious blood conditions like leukemia would be exposed to potential disability under extreme circumstances. In addition, there are blood conditions in which the recipient’s blood is unable to support the basic blood clotting functions. Hence, in such situations the action of buying blood by a health institution at the stipulated price, for instance, as provided by Plasma International’s $25 per pint is logical. This is also supported by the fact that Plasma International plays an important role in storing the blood to ensure constant supply. This does not necessarily make blood to become a commodity of trade, but serves a deeper function of saving lives, which is an important element for the human fraternity.Blood Case Essay Example Paper

Kant’s Deontology

First, Kant’s deontology proclaims that “Act so that the maxim of your action becomes universal.” As a result whatever you are doing, whenever you do it, you want to everyone else to do it. Focusing on Sole Levin’s initiative to establish the Plasma International, as a body providing the much needed blood in health care institutions is morally correct. By the fact that the foundations of the body have been determined on the basis of international operations indicates the desire to proclaim the services as a human necessity. Moreover, this shows the willingness to extend the services past transnational boundaries, which justifies the cost imposed of $25 per pint of blood.Blood Case Essay Example Paper


Secondly, according to Kant’s deontology the essence of motive of an action determines its appropriateness under given circumstances. In Sole Levin’s case the need to satisfy the function of treating transcends other wrong functions. Hence the needed to treat affected patients, who are clients to the respective health institutions goes past the projected aim of profitability. By selling blood by $25 per pint of blood, the founder of Plasma International is merely justifying the operational costs and other logistical functions that entail storing the blood, equipment for handling the blood, and service provision. These functions are essentially acting as a support element for the major functions of Plasma international, which is to avail blood to health institutions at the time of need, which significantly satisfies the element of humanity.

Difference Principles (Rawls theory) say any inequality in society Example: Wal-Mart: does Wal-Mart present created disadvantages (the location is not always in good place) do those disadvantages is convenient to the community, yes.Blood Case Essay Example Paper