Bipolar Disorder Paper Research

Bipolar Disorder Paper Research

Bipolar Disorder ,is a serious mental illness, characterized by extreme mood swings that interfere with your everyday life. Ranging from extreme high mania to extremely low depression, the mood swings can cause episodes of mania and depression that can often last for weeks or even months.Bipolar Disorder Paper Research

Some common ways to develop bipolar disorder is through hormonal problems, such as, hormonal imbalances, environmental factors, such as , abuse, mental stress, a “significant loss”, or some other traumatic event. Approximately 3.6% of females and 3.2% of males have had bipolar disorder in their lifetime. Bipolar disorder is a leading contributor to the burden of disease and injury in australian males and females in the age range of 15-24 years.Bipolar Disorder Paper Research

Both men and women are likely to become affected by bipolar at some point because depression is so common in the general population. However, the popularity of women developing bipolar is twice as common then it is for men. The likelihood of developing a depressive episode is about 20 percent, whereas for men it’s about 10 percent.Bipolar Disorder Paper Research

The most common and noticeable symptoms for bipolar disorder are Mood swings: switching from sadness to anxiety, or feeling guilt and hopelessness to anger and apprehension fairly quickly, Behavioral changes: risking taking behaviors, aggression, hyperactivity, self harm, etc, sleep difficulties, weight changes: such as weight gain or loss and the most symptoms are psychological changes: such as, depression, manic episodes, agitated depression or paranoia.


If untreated, bipolar disorder related mania or depression can last for 6-12 months. Without medication a relapse is very likely. Episodes usually improve within 3-4 months with effective treatment. Doctors will prescribe patients with medicine to treat the main symptoms of mania or depression, these are known as mood stabilizers and are meant to be taken every day on a long term basis. Other treatments are psychological treatment such as talking to a therapist about how to deal with depression and improve relationships. Long term treatment can minimize the depression and episodes but this disorder cannot be cured.Bipolar Disorder Paper Research