Biography of Professional Background Essay.

Biography of Professional Background Essay.


Biography of professional background

Mr. Jonathan is an experienced professional software engineer highly proficient in the system administration and software programming field of expertise. He started his professional career as Support Porgrammer for 1 year in Prometheus Research LLC, where he got promoted to Junior Systems Administrator and served the company for 2 years and 2 months.Biography of Professional Background Essay.


He then changed his company to Rocket Fuel where he was employed as a data engineer for 1 year and 3 months. The next company he joined is NewsCred for 1 year and 9 months in the position of software engineer. He then worked as site reliability engineer at HBO for 3 years. Presently he is working at Zillow Group, New York in the position of Senior software development engineer. He has completed his bachelor’s degree in Physics with minor in Maths from South Connecticut State University.Biography of Professional Background Essay. He has proficient technical knowledge in Python, SQL, PHP, HTSQL, Unix Shell Scripting, LINUX, Python, CSS and HTML. He mainly developed his career in the domain of programming, database design, configuration management, software design and integration of distributed systems. He has hands-on-experience in design and development of transaction data, delivery of reports and monitoring of such data with processing as per client’s needs. He worked on projects across his professional career on setting LDAP Kerberos, configuration management with using programming languages like My SQL to migrate data.Biography of Professional Background Essay. He is acquainted with pip and apt servers. He acted as coordinator in collaborating with the team and the management for monitoring and evaluation of data. In HBO, he has built and assisted in the designing of ERP model systems in discourse platform. He performed holistic application of data server systems serving many clients through using digital products to analyze. He is abreast with new configuration technologies like Puppet and Ansible.Biography of Professional Background Essay.

Interview Highlights:

The adaption to various innovative technologies created the spark in this career field for Mr. Jonathan. There is a good compensation package with added benefit of working in flexibility. A typical day in this career option consists of working in a team and maintaining the database through client checking and reporting to managers after completion of targets. The typical duties involve the design, implementation and preparing prototype solutions till final approval.Biography of Professional Background Essay. The challenging nature of developing designs and models of software life cycle interests him more in this field. The various obstacles one has to face in this career is the changing client needs and the failure of system testing. The inadequate resources of the company pose a big threat here. The work –life balance can be effectively maintained through executing projects from home once or twice a week and collaborative team work through digital interactive communication. The students who are fresher’s in this career field should possess excellent knowledge in the basic programming languages like HTML, SQL, Java and C++ for coding initially during the training period of software design models.Biography of Professional Background Essay. The more they gain hands-on-experience in working over various projects where they have to build and implement certain system designs; the career growth will progress at a speedier rate. For better career guidance, networking is essential with software developer managers or data coders who are successful professionals in this field over 2 years of experience. The seminars and information technology fairs can help in better and diverse knowledge about this field with new upcoming trends.Biography of Professional Background Essay.