Bill Proposal on NPs Essay.

Bill Proposal on NPs Essay.


Bill proposal on NPs being able to authorize cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services.
must include:
Possible political strategies that may be employed to push the proposed bill through the varying stages of the legislative process and keep it from being stalled or killed
Why are these strategies the most appropriate?
How will these strategies influence your particular bill?
Using a conceptual model for policy making from p. 64 in Ch. 7 of Policy & Politics, explain why the bill should be placed on the formal agenda for the legislature.Bill Proposal on NPs Essay.


What potential barriers currently exist that could block the bill from being passed? How will you keep these barriers from derailing your bills process?

Bill Proposal

Under the current federal law, the physician is the only medical practitioner allowed to authorize or order for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation for patients, especially those under the Medicare program. Nurse practitioners are only authorized to order for such services under varying state laws. This means that not all states allow their nursing practitioners to perform these services.Bill Proposal on NPs Essay. To allow the nurses to perform these services, it is critical to propose a bill in Congress. The stages of bills becoming laws include bill introduction by the sponsor, committee action to study the bill’s subject matter, floor action in the House or Senate for debate, a vote by the members, an amendment by the conference committees, and presidential action, as the last step (Arengberg, 2018). The bill could die in any step along this process. In this case, the aim is to propose and pass a bill that allows nursing practitioners to order for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation in healthcare settings. A discussion on various political strategies to ensure the bill passes is necessary.

One of the strategies would be to draft the bill in a manner that also supports the concerns of the opposing party. This strategy is important and useful in ensuring the bill passes because it wins the favor of the opposing party. For instance, while suggesting that the nurses should be allowed to order for the services above, the sponsors could also include the requirements that nurses must undergo, as a check, to appease the opposing party.Bill Proposal on NPs Essay.

Another strategy that the proposers could use is to avoid party reference and address the issue as a healthcare improvement approach. Referring to the sponsor and making party references when proposing the bill could trigger unnecessary opposition to the bill because of political competition (Theriault & Edwards, 2020). Therefore, this strategy is important because it would eliminate room for unnecessary political power tests and encourage objectivity in the House or Senate.

These two strategies will influence the bill in two major ways. Firstly, the chances of the bill becoming law are high when the issue addressed is addressed from a healthcare perspective, and is not politically inspired. Secondly, by applying these two strategies, the outcome will be a law that is non-partisan and addresses an important healthcare issue without political influence (Theriault & Edwards, 2020). Political influence in healthcare matters could be detrimental because these issues reduce the effectiveness of the law, and make it susceptible to unnecessary changes because of partisanship.Bill Proposal on NPs Essay.

An effective policymaking conceptual model would be the process that begins with situational analysis, generation of policy options, evaluating the policy options, deciding on the policy, planning the policy implementation, policy impact assessment (Milstead & Short, 2017). This framework makes it necessary to place the bill on a formal agenda because each process would be thoroughly done, and the bill passed is effective because it addresses the situation as identified.

A potential barrier that could prevent the bill from being passed is the Presidential veto, which is the refusal to sign the bill into law. When this happens, Congress could still override the President’s veto and pass it into law. Therefore, the best strategy when tabling a bill in the House or Senate is to ensure that all members are on board with the bill, using the political strategy of avoiding partisan bills and addressing any concerns that the opposing party might have on the bill proposed.

Bill Proposal on NPs Essay.