Back Pain Problems Essay Paper

Back Pain Problems Essay Paper

Back pain problems have been in my family for some time. This is an initiative I am taking to address this as a personal issue. Given the scope of causes of back pain problem, I have designed this enlighten my family and the public in general on how to live free from back pain. Personally I have not suffered back pain problems but from the angle the problems have been coming to my family it seems I could also be affected by it sometime. In this topic I have learned that back pain problem mostly affects middle aged and aged persons (Waddell, 2004). The activities they are engaged in and former conditions they were exposed to at their young age are some of the causes of back pain problems. Sitting, standing, playing, sleeping, and even lifting are some of the specific reasons why ligaments, nerves, discs, and the spine in general may suffer damage (Deardorff, & Sinel, 1999).Back Pain Problems Essay Paper

My family comprises of four members – my parents, a younger brother, and myself. On my mother’s family they are five – her parents, a brother, a sister, and herself. On my father’s family they are seven – his parents, three brothers, a sister and himself. My mother’s father passed away some years ago after being involved in an accident. Her mother is alive and healthy while her sister and bother are both healthy as well. On my father’s side there have been many cases of ailments. Some of these are the back problems. My father’s sister has for several years suffered from chronic back pain that was later solved through a surgery operation. One of my father’s brother’s has also been faced by the back pain problem severally. For his case, my uncle did not suffer from a continuous back pain problem but rather short term episodes with varying intervals. The rest of my fathers family members are alive and well.Back Pain Problems Essay Paper


As I have learned in this topic of back pain problems, unlike other medical problems back pain is not a congenital problem (Anderson, 2002). Very few to none have been born with back pain. On the other hand, children do not suffer from back pain as their adult counterparts do. However, at young age, children are at the risk of experiencing or being subjected to conditions that may cause back pain as they advance in age (Borysenko & Brownstein, 2001). Sitting improperly and falling on their backs are some of the back pain causing activities children are vulnerable to. As they grow up and their spines start to develop, they start experiencing back pain as a result of dislocated discs, fractured and damaged nerves, and ligaments (Key, 2010).

As my focus is mostly on children’s health and the activities they are subjected to resulting to back pain; what I have learned about the back pain problem on children will be applied to address the issue at its primary stage. The influence the above literature has on my plans for this health project is motivating me towards educating the public and more so those with and expecting young ones.Back Pain Problems Essay Paper My project would focus on the issue in order to cut down on spending that is incurred when back pain problems face active economic players.My goal is to reduce and banish back pain problems for young adults, middle aged, and the aged by regulating the activities undertaken at the youngest age. My goal entails making sure that the causes of back pain problem that originate from young and affecting the individuals at an older age are dealt with or prevented from taking place. As a matter of when and by how much; I will be addressing children and infants from 0 – 9 years. By educating their families and using those families to educate their friends, the current statistic of 80% working citizen faced with back pain problem is expected to reduce by 20% after 11 years and 7% annually from then ends forth. The 11-year span is to get the first generation which is presently 9 years to work. From then, each year there would be new workforce joining the existing while at the far end another would be exiting. This would be the mechanism upon which back pain problems will be reduced or even done completely away with.Back Pain Problems Essay Paper