Assignment: Telehealth’s Impact

Assignment: Telehealth’s Impact


It can often be inconvenient for patients to visit a doctor’s office: they must take time off work, re-arrange their schedules, find a means of transportation, and so on. For patients in rural areas, it may involve a long drive, or even a flight if no specialist is available in the region. For these reasons, some medical providers have been exploring ways to provide medical attention remotely, using the telephone.


Watch the following videos on the use of telephone technology to provide health care remotely.

Elementary School Uses Telehealth to Enhance Student Care (3:29)

Telemedicine Puts a Doctor Virtually at Your Bedside (8:36)


Identify three ways that telehealth could be more effective than conventional medical treatment, and three ways that it could be a challenge.( note: I am medical billing/coding) Save your work in a Word document titled “Telehealth”

Assignment: Telehealth’s Impact