Assignment: Find the Ergonomic Problems

Assignment: Find the Ergonomic Problems

Employee safety extends to their workspaces. For HIM Professionals, this often involves an office, cubicle, or other space that contains a desk, computer, monitor, filing cabinets, and so on. You may be seated at that desk for extended periods, and this can lead to discomfort. In extreme cases it can lead to injuries in your back, neck, eyes, or wrists (carpel tunnel).

“Ergonomics” is the engineering and organization of objects and spaces to minimize physical discomfort and potential for accident or injury. It is very important. As an HIM professional, you will be called on to educate new employees. This should always include ergonomic training as well. You may also be called upon to improve workspaces with ergonomics in mind.


Read the Whistle While you Work with Good Ergonomics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. article on best practices for organizing an HIM workspace.


Look around the area where you are taking this course. Identify three areas that you feel are ergonomically correct and three things that could be improved. ( note:3 thing correct: computer high its right and easy to adjusting, maintain good position, chair can be adjust in the right level of the eyes. 3 thing need to change is the keyboard not in the right place, the ac in the room was way to high, can get sick because outside way to hot, chair cannot adjust the lower back in the right place,). Think about your seat, you desk, the room in which you are seated, the tools you use, and so on. Use the infographic below to help identify things. Did you know that these incorrect items were putting stress on your whole body?

Put your findings in a Word document named “Ergonomics”

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Assignment: Find the Ergonomic Problems