Assignment : Defensive Medicine

Assignment : Defensive Medicine

HA4050D – Healthcare Law

One phenomenon blamed for driving up health care costs in recent decades is “defensive medicine.” Using the NAU Library and online research, find out more about defensive medicine. Then, respond to the following:



1.What is defensive medicine? Give some examples.

2.How have healthcare providers and insurers worked to prevent the practice of defensive medicine?

3.What are some other, more beneficial practices healthcare providers have adopted as effective ways of reducing the incidence of malpractice suits.

Choose one of the formats below in which to submit your assignment:

Assignment : Defensive Medicine
.A 2 page paper of no fewer than 500 words, written in APA style with all references cited;

.A PowerPoint presentation of no fewer than five slides, not including a title slide and reference slide. You must include at least three visual elements such as diagrams, images, or illustrations; or

.A video of at least 5 minutes in length where you discuss the case and your answers to these questions on camera. Upload the video to a hosting service such as YouTube and provide the link in the assignment dropbox.

No matter which format you choose, remember to cite in APA style all sources used in completing your analysis.

Assignment : Defensive Medicine