Art history and Appreciation Research Paper

Art history and Appreciation Research Paper

Option One

Throughout history, art has been used as propaganda to shape public opinion. Propaganda takes many forms, such as architecture, paintings, print media, and is used to promote religious, political, and social ideologies. Select and fully identify two works, in any medium, that were used to shape public opinion. Citing specific elements in each work, analyze how each work conveyed its propagandistic message to its intended audience. You need to analyze how specific elements of each of two selected works convey propagandistic messages to its respective audience. Think about how works of art promote religious, political and social ideologies.


Propaganda can be seen as consisting of three interpolated elements: (1) actual information, ideas or rumors that are circulated; (2) the vehicles through which those items are disseminated, such as art, texts and performances; and (3) the organizations and institutions that generate and direct the spread of propagandistic content. Propaganda is created to promote a particular entity’s interests, whether corporate or individual, and typically has an intended audience — sometimes multiple audiences. Propagandistic art has existed since the first complex human societies developed approximately five thousand years ago. Works of art have been used to legitimize a ruler’s authority, to glorify a state’s accomplishments, to reify social hierarchy, to reinforce religious beliefs, and to influence how people think and behave, among other things. Architecture has served as a vehicle for propaganda since ancient times as well.

You have two tasks:

(1) you must fully identify two works of art in any medium. One from the ancient world (BCE) and one from the modern world (CE)

(2) you must analyze how specific elements of each selected work convey a propagandistic message to an intended audience.

Technical stuff. Your essay must be at least five pages in length, use Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, and include a works cited page. Include images at the END of essay. You must use at least three actual books as resources and no more than two web sites (no Wikipedia!). Include images AFTER the works cited page.

Don’t forget to cite yours sources throughout your essay.

Art history and Appreciation Research Paper