Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights

Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights

The term abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy. This procedure is done by the expulsion or removal of the embryo in an early stage before it reaches its viability point. However, abortions may occur spontaneously whereby under some circumstances, it is usually referred to as a miscarriage or in some cases, it might be induced with a purpose for instance, medical reasons. Therefore the term abortion is mostly associated with human pregnancy.
According to medical researchers, most abortions that are conducted with non professionals result to the highest number of maternal deaths. To be precise, more than 70 thousand maternal deaths in the United States of America are as a result of unsafe abortions. In addition, it is estimated that that more than 5 million infants are born with disabilities due to unsafe abortions that are conducted by people with improper medical training.
Given the fact that abortion has received an unjustifiable or cold reception from critics more so from the religious institutions, abortion is also imperative especially for medical reasons like when the mother’s life is at stake.Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights
According to the Republican Party‘s position on abortion, women with problem pregnancies should be accorded all the necessary support. The republicans claim that they oppose the use of public revenues for abortions and they will cease funding the organizations that advocate for it. The party also concedes that its pro-life agenda has nothing to do with supporting the punishment of women who are engaged in the exercise as long as it is safe and medically oriented. Abortion is illegal in 24 states of the United States but there are pro-choice advocates like Clinton who understands what should be done and they are trying to do everything within their power to ensure that the rules are overturned, (, 2000).


According to Saletan, mixed reactions have been drawn following the United States President’s hesitation to appoint an anti-abortion judge to the Supreme Court especially from the Republicans. The Republicans have their right to give their views concerning the whole saga but they also ought to respect human lives that might be at stake following the problem pregnancies.Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights There are instances where you cannot watch a woman die because of the pregnancy yet something can be done to save her life (Saletan, W. 2004)
However, according to my political party that supports the idea safe abortion The Social Alliance Party, abortion should be applied when necessary. The entire procedure should be applied in cases where the mother carrying the pregnancy is at stake of losing her life because of the pregnancy. Also, the whole procedure MUST be confirmed and carried out by qualified medical practitioners so as to reduce the ratio of maternal fatalities. There are also instances of rape and incest whereby the unborn children are perceived to be a curse. In rape cases, most women feel uneasy giving birth to children who will remind them of the ugly incidences. My political party is therefore in support of such women who opt for abortion. Abortion will enable them heal quickly unlike when they give birth to such babies.Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights


We do acknowledge that every human being including the unborn has the right to life. But, people should also note that even to the child, it will do him/her some psychological harm when they realize that they are rape product. Just like the Republicans, our party salutes the individuals who provide alternatives to abortion as well as offering adoption alternatives. This does not simply mean that we condemn all types of abortion. We understand well that it is better to save at least the life of a mother instead of losing both of them. The party is also concerned with the health status of pregnant women especially for those whose health systems are worsened by the pregnancy. We believe that it is very unwise to watch a woman suffer because of something that can be avoided through termination (Wenz, P. 1992)Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights