Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice Essay.

Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice Essay.


Below are the instructions for the assignment. Please read the article I have attached and do the assignment based on the instructions. Thank you!Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice Essay.


In a 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, address the following:

Provide an overview of the article you selected, including answers to the following questions:
What type of group was discussed?
Who were the participants in the group? Why were they selected?
What was the setting of the group?
How often did the group meet?
What was the duration of the group therapy?
What curative factors might be important for this group and why?
What “exclusion criteria” did the authors mention?
Explain the findings/outcomes of the study in the article. Include whether this will translate into practice with your own client groups. If so, how? If not, why?
Explain whether the limitations of the study might impact your ability to use the findings/outcomes presented in the article.Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice Essay.

Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice

Student Name:

Article Overview
Group Therapy Participants

ØFirst-Time Mothers at Risk for Postpartum Depression

Group Therapy Setting

ØHeld  in a community hospital in New Jersey

ØHad 16 participants

ØPrivacy accentuated


Group Duration

ØTook 8 weeks

ØOne session per week

Ø90 minutes per session

ØStarted within 1 month of hospital discharge

Exclusion criteria

ØWomen who are not first-time mothers

ØHealthcare professionals

Group psychotherapy reduces depression-related symptoms

Group psychotherapy improves health outcomes

Findings of the Study

ØUse of a nondirective group

Ø Group psychotherapy intervention was provided at no cost to participants

ØThe interpretation of group scores

Study Limitations


Esmaeili, Z., & Hosseini, S. (2014). Post partum depression: prevention, treatment. Clinical Excellence, 2(1), 70-82.

Maimburg, R. D., & Væth, M. (2015). Postpartum depression among first-time mothers–results from a parallel randomised trial. Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, 6(2), 95-100.

Pessagno, R. A., & Hunker, D. (2013). Using Short‐Term Group Psychotherapy as an Evidence‐Based Intervention for First‐Time Mothers at Risk for Postpartum Depression. Perspectives in psychiatric care, 49(3), 202-209.Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice Essay.