Annotated Bibliography & NRP Assignment

Annotated Bibliography & NRP Assignment

Question (A)

Annotated Bibliography

4. Select one professional journal article related to patient safety. This could be about a particular safety incident, or safety initiatives, etc. (Remember to select a current article within about the last 4-5 years).

2. Follow APA guidelines (6th ed.) when formatting/typing the paper. Some general APA guidelines are: 12 point Times New Roman font. This assignment should be no longer than 1 page (not counting the title page). 

3.  You will then write two paragraphs (summary and evaluation paragraphs) according to the following guidelines.

4.  Page one will be the title page formatted according to APA guidelines (6th ed.)


 Page two will be the annotated bibliography. The first paragraph is a brief synopsis of what the article was about. In the second paragraph you will evaluate the article according to the prompts below.

Paragraph one should be a summary/synopsis of what the article was about.

· What are the main topics/points/ arguments that are covered?

· What is the author(s) premise? Tip: Focus on the introduction and conclusion (and/or discussion).

Paragraph two should evaluate (assess) the article.

· Would you recommend this article to peers? Discuss why or why not.

· Consider whether there are apparent bias/assumptions of the author.

· Discuss how this content can be practically applied to nursing?

· Provide a summary statement that indicates what personal learning occurred from reviewing this article.

NOTE: Please the attachment for the Annotated Bibliography sample

Question (B)

National Public Radio (NPR)


Tasks with Directions

Go to the website:

In the search box type in: health policy. Select one topic of interest to you to discuss in this posting. The story/and or podcast should have been published within the last 2years.

write according to the following prompts and the grading rubric.

1. The title/ focus/ and main points of the broadcast/article

2. What are your overall thoughts about this topic?

3. Your opinion/thoughts must be supported with at least one source of literature (can use required readings) but must also incorporate at least one source in addition to those provided to receive full points.  (1-2 pages)

Annotated Bibliography & NRP Assignment