Anger Management Essay.

Anger Management Essay.


Anger management is a set of therapeutic techniques used in psychology to help people with uncontrollable anger regain control of themselves when angry. In some places anger management is a legal requirement. These techniques range from physical activities to mental engagements.Anger Management Essay.


Physical activities conducted to manage anger include taking deep breaths and working out. These activities are recommended as they have been noted by psychologists as being effective stress reducers. The whole concept of incorporating physical activity in anger management is to relax the body and hence avoid acting inappropriately when provoked.Anger Management Essay.

Mental engagements done for anger management include meditations, forgiveness, and improving positive attitudes towards oneself. One basic principle that makes all the above engagements work is that they give the patient time to think over their course of action (Fisher, 2005, p. 60). This is because most of the time uncontrollable anger works when the patient just reacts to something without analyzing it rationally.Anger Management Essay.

Unproven theories argue that excessive anger is genetically inherited through personality traits. Others argue that it is as a result of the environment a person grows or lives in (Coren, 2010, p. 34). All these may be true or false, but what remains as a fact is that excessive anger exists in some people. Treatment for this problem is offered in some hospitals, mental institutions, and by personal psychiatrists. However the fact that people fear being stereotyped because of their anger condition makes most of those affected shy away from getting treatment (Coren, 2010, p. 11). Hence one of the best ways of increasing the number of people with anger problems that seek anger management, is by educating the public that this is a normal condition- just like a common cold.Anger Management Essay.

Uncontrollable anger and aggression are like a rebellious force within a person. This is because most of the people suffering from this condition do not appreciate how they handle situations when angry. This means that the process of anger management is simply out to resolve this conflict.Anger Management Essay.