ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses Essay

ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses Essay

How will you use the ANA code of ethics in your daily practice?

The code of ethics in nursing, according to ANA, is a guide for the execution of nursing roles with consistency as per the standards of nursing care and the ethical responsibilities of the career (Chadwick and Gallagher, 2016). As a nurse, I will use the ANA code of ethics to carry out my duties with compassion and respect. I will treat every patient equally and with respect they deserve. As a nurse, I will also use the ANA code of ethics to advocate for my patients’ rights and ensure their health and safety comes first. Besides, as per the ANA code of ethics, I will ensure that I collaborate with other health professionals and work as a team to reduce some of the health issues we face, like medical errors, which may put patients’ health at risk (Grace, 2017). ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses Essay.


Moral suffering at work as a nurse.

I have undergone moral suffering at work as a nurse. One day I was on night duty, and one of the patients who was a cancer patient suddenly developed uncontrollable pain past midnight. The patient graded the pain as 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. I had to call the doctor on call to determine what we could add to the patient’s prescription to control the pain. The doctor picked my call rudely and asked me not to disturb him at that time of the night. I called him again, only for him to ignore my calls. I felt frustrated and morally depressed as I could not offer any help to the patient at that particular moment. Eventually, I managed to help the patient after some hours.