An Exploration Of My Career Choice Nursing Essay.

An Exploration Of My Career Choice Nursing Essay.


Helping those in need has never been just a job for me, but an integral part of my character and life. My childhood dream was to save people, to change their lives and to make a real difference in this world. However, as time was passing, these fantasies started to shape into a career path, a career in nursing. Today this choice is based not only my strong desire to help and support people, but also on a rational consideration of all the advantages of this profession, such as high stability and promotion opportunities, and of its disadvantages. Yet, I am more than sure that there will be no better job for me than nursing, where rewarding work would be associated with attractive career growth opportunities. That is why I have chosen to become a nurse, and I will put all the efforts to achieve this goal.An Exploration Of My Career Choice Nursing Essay.


In business science, when creating a strategy, one should first of all define where the company should be in the future, in 10-15 years. Defining long –term objectives helps to understand what are the steps necessary to achieve the aim. I used the same method to make my own strategy for career planning, developing my vision of the future and moving down the ladder, identifying the necessary steps to reach my goal. So where do I see myself in the next 10 years? By that time my career should already be developing at a full pace. At that point I will concentrate on my major work in a hospital, assisting people and trying to make their life more comfortable. However, I strongly believe that there is no clear boundary between work and education. In the course of my career, I will surely come across some areas, where my knowledge won’t be sufficient; therefore I will attend additional courses and seminars, to be updated and to get a chance to excel in what I am doing.An Exploration Of My Career Choice Nursing Essay.

Having formulated the long-term objectives, it is time to identify the steps needed to get there. The first one I have already done – I applied and got accepted to a Nursing Program in the University of Georgia. It is a perfect opportunity for me to explore the career of a nurse, to discover my major interests and the fields of nursing, I am going to specialize in. The next years in the university are crucial for my career in the future. First of all, it is an opportunity to understand what being a nurse is really like. Although I am more than sure, that this career is right for me, only practical experience can guarantee that nursing is exactly what I would like to do in my life. Moreover, it is in the university we start building up our professional reputation. Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on the subjects taught, as well as on establishing connections and networking. In many cases future employment largely depends on the contacts one gets, when studying in the university. As for my very short –term objectives, I intend to successfully complete my studies in Miami Dade College, and prepare for the first classes of the Nursing Program, which I start in January.An Exploration Of My Career Choice Nursing Essay.

Selecting a career path is not an easy task; however I am very sure in the choice I have made. In order to achieve great results, one needs to set long-term objectives and to design a strategy of getting there. For me working in a hospital as a nurse is the goal I pursue since my childhood, and now I have identified a clear path to follow in order to realise my aspirations. Of course the job of a nurse is not ideal, and I have no delusions about that. Long working hours and constant sufferings of the patients may be quite demanding. However, there is nothing more rewarding, than to help a fellow human being, to impact patients’ lives and to feel that your work truly makes a difference. That is why I intend to put all the efforts into pursuing the career of a nurse, to become a real professional and hopefully to change lives of some people for best.An Exploration Of My Career Choice Nursing Essay.