American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay

American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay

Choice Reflection

Scope of the meeting

The South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses (SFCAPN)is a  regional professional nursing organization whose purpose is to promote unity, viability, and visibility of all advanced practice nurses in South Florida. The council fosters educational advancement and professional excellence with the ultimate goal of delivering quality health care that is cost-effective and accessible.  The council accomplished this by maintaining, promoting, and following the goals of the organization including promoting local, regional, and national visibility of nurses in advanced practice nursing;  promulgating advanced practice nursing via political or legislative activities, public relation strategies, marketing, research, and education; protecting and safeguarding the general and economic welfare of APNs; and advocating and promoting high standards of advanced practice nursing through research, education and advanced practice(SFCAPN, 2020). American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay.


SFCAPN organizes monthly meetings for the purpose of networking, supporting each other via collegial relationships, and updating member’s knowledge.  I attended SFCAPN virtual meetings on October 19, 2020. The title of the meeting was “Overview of Florida Autonomous APRN (AAPRN): What You Need to Know”. The scope of the meeting was to provide clarification on who can make an application for the autonomous practice.  On March 11, 2020, Florida passed legislation (House Bill 607) into law permitting APRNs to be licensed for independent practice by eradicating physician supervisory requirements in particular circumstances. According to the Florida Board of Nursing (2021), for registration as an APRN, an individual must hold an active and clear Florida APRN license; and one must have completed a minimum of three thousand clinical hours under the oversight of an osteopathic or allopathic physician within the last five years and instructional hours might be included in the clinical hours.  Also, an APRN must submit evidence of semester hours in pharmacology at the graduate level pharmacology completed in the past 5 years and must not have faced punitive action in  Florida or any other jurisdiction or state within the last 5 years. Pharmacology must include the use and effects of therapeutic drugs Structure of the meeting.

The structure of the meeting

The meeting was well structured with an outline of the key discussion points, followed by concluding remarks. The written outline described the issues that were to be covered. The outline assisted the discussion leaders/ facilitators to keep all attendees focused on the major items so that the meeting did not lose purpose.  The discussion leader started with a brief overview of the purpose of the meeting and stated that the meeting was to keep APRNs up to date with new practice information following the enactment of a new law t to allow APRNs to practice autonomously.American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay.  The facilitators also stated that it is important for nurses to join local, state, or national nursing professional organizations so that they can be informed of their practice environment and the bills/ laws affecting their practice. According to AANP (2021), it is necessary for NPs to clearly understand the way their state regulations and laws affect their practice. APRNs must have information about NP practice in their state, including signature authority and the required continuing education hours for licensure or renewal of license.  As a member of AAN, a NP can quickly access information on the AANP’s website on their state’s requirements for APRN practice to inform themselves and their patients.

The meeting outcome

At the end of the meeting, all peoples attending the virtual meeting have a clear understanding of the requirements for autonomous advanced practice nursing.  During the meeting, the facilitators explained that an independent APRN might only practice within a primary care setting in primary pediatrics, general internal medicine, and family medicine. PMHNPs, med spas, women’s health nurse practitioners, and specialty nurse practitioners are excluded from AAPRN practice. People in attendance were informed that even after obtaining autonomous status, the council of advanced practice registered nurses autonomous practice had not met to decide on the standards of practice and t it was the responsibility of individual APRNs to know any changes that might take place.

During the meeting, it was made clear that the Florida Board of Nursing’s understanding of the new law is that all APRNs, (with the exclusion of CRNAs since the law does not provide them with the authority to practice independently) might apply for independent practice.  APRNs who make an application for autonomous practice and fulfill the registration requirements will be approved by the board and the APRNs will be required to determine their practice level based on the rules and role once adopted.


The definition of primary care was clarified. MDs wanted the definition of primary care practice to be changed to include the promotion of mental and physical health, assessment, evaluation, prevention of disease, maintenance of health, patient education, counseling, diagnosis, and treatment to f chronic and acute medical conditions which are universally offered without a referral from another health care provider in a wide range of settings.   Florida Board of Nursing disagreed with the request and keeps its initial definition of primary care.  American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay.According to the Florida Board of Nursing (2020), the description of primary care practice includes promotion of mental and physical health, assessment, evaluation, prevention of illness maintenance of health, diagnosis, education of patients, counseling, and treatment of chronic and acute medical conditions, including mental and behavioral health conditions.


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Choice Reflection

Assignment ContentTop of Form

The purpose of this assignment is to be familiarized with the Advanced Practice Nurse Professional Organizations. Knowledge obtained from completing this assignment include awareness of industry scope and professional issues. American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay. 

Attend 1(one) professional meeting noted below, being sure to note the date, time, and location of the meeting that you attended.

(Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, I attended to a virtual meeting authorized by the University).


  • A State of Nurse Association Nurse Practitioner Council Meeting:

“South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses (SFCAPN)”

Virtual Meeting, October 19th, 2020 at 7:00 PM  (Easter Standard Time).


Tittle of the meeting:


“Overview of Florida Autonomous APRN Practice (AAPRN): What You Need To Know.”


Reflect on the content of the meeting that you attended and your thoughts about the meeting.


Consider the following:

  • The purpose and objective of the meeting
  • The structure of the meeting
  • The meeting outcome

This is the link for the SFCAPN:


This is the link to access the meeting:

Format your reflection as:

  • 825-word paper according to APA guidelines.
  • Include a minimum of 3 (three) references from the most current national guidelines from professional sites and sources. American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay. Please, include references from South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses (SFCAPN), American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), and any other relevant national Nursing Association and/or Florida State Board of Nursing. Thank you.

Grading Criteria:



Content: 50 points possible Points possible Points earned Comments
Provided the purpose and objective of the meeting 10    
Explained the structure of the meeting 10    
Included the meeting outcome 10    
Included a reflection of the meeting 20    


Points earned/possible

American Association of Nurse Practitioners, AANP Essay