Aggressive Patients Medical Essay

Aggressive Patients Medical Essay

This essay will illustrate an individual experience, which shows how experts use good communication skills to deal with anger and aggression in patients who are in pain and also understand and respect choice and religious needs of clients. I was student radiography around 11 weeks on my first professional medical placement. I had been working on x ray division which I dealt with and furious and religious patients. .Aggressive Patients Medical Essay I try to explore my emotions about the occurrences that transpired, and describe what I’d do in a different way if anything similar situation happens in the foreseeable future using Graham (1998) platform for reflection. The first centre of discourse will be in reference to an individual who I’ll identify as Mr X, to keep confidentiality Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008) who came up for x ray exam for his calf that was in plaster. As students I attended Mr X along with his consent and under the supervision of the mentor. Mr X stormed from the room in anger after learning that I did so not do the task right and another x ray was required. That could mean exceeding the procedure again the patient couldn’t keep the pain. The second centre of dialogue shall be referred to a nineteen yr old Muslim woman who was referenced from the outpatient office to the x ray department for a brain scan credited to persistent severe headache. I used to be doing receptionist obligations and I booked her in. She was using a spiritual dress code that covered from head to toe apart from the eyes. Since it was against her religion, she refused to take off the cloth covering her brain for the check to be conducted. Before her examination she came back to the reception office to ask if she could easily get a private room for a prayer. I gave her guidelines to a prayer room.Aggressive Patients Medical Essay


Having been into location for only first time I did not have knowledge to dealt or experience to dealt with angry and extreme patients who are in pain. I remember i lost my self confidence and I was very annoyed about myself for failing woefully to handle the situation in a specialist manner. As students radiographers, I will recognise anger and aggression and discover the root cause of it. I am now aware that the simplest way of interacting with someone’s anger is to assess and recognise that they are feeling in order to help and diffuse the situation, Walker et al (2004). In light of the above case, I should have apologised for the oversight and use effective communication skills in reason the the procedure needed for a repeat of the X ray was necessary. The ultimate way to respond to client’s anger is by tuning in and acknowledging it. Acknowledgment of anger is vital because the client will definitely calms down. A couple of proven ways to diffuse tense situations and control anger before it increases to the amount of conflict. Empathetic hearing is necessary in this case, listen to the individual and truly understand his or her emotions and their needs. It is a means of disagreeing, without having to be disagreeable. Pay attention empathetically to the patient’s problems and apologise without getting protective. Honest appearance means trying to explain to the patient that you recognize his / her frustration in being informed to go over the x ray evaluation process again, but the patient should understand that you a future radiographer and students make blunders. Students should be aware that, any hurtful things said by the client are because of this of his extreme fighting and they need time to sort out their anger.

Recent study suggests that, older people could use anger as a technique for preserving some sense of ability over their own lives because as long as they remain angry or resilient, people will notice them. Walker et al (2004), as people get older, they are exposed to a wider variety of situations and are therefore less inclined to find new situation difficult, though some the elderly may be resistant to change. The patient was at severe pain, so i would think he used anger and hostility as a pain coping strategy. Cowan (2000), anger is healing in alleviating stress. Hyland and Donaldson (season please) say, healthcare professional can reduce patient anger by giving the information the patients wants about his condition. So communication performs an essential part in diffusing tense situations.Aggressive Patients Medical Essay

This experience trained me that, anger and aggression could be used as cover for deeper problems. Anger could be a cover up for fear, getting used as a shield to keep other people at a distance so they are unable to see one’s insecurities and weaknesses, Booth (2003). In true to life, older people are known to communicate anger outwardly less often and article more interior control of anger using calming strategies when compared with their young counterparts unless and usually. So, taking a look at the whole event, the individual was upset to the main by the thought of going over the procedure again the pain was unbearable. I thought that the mr X was trying to express the stress he was going through anticipated to pain. As students radiography I will make an effort to use my communication skills effectively to take control of the problem by soothing Mr X down and be able to understand what he feels by hearing him and requesting him questions. Communication is a two way flow of information that nourished consumer and professional marriage that establishes the bottom of information upon which health planning decision are created and program developed Spradley and Allender (1996). . Healthcare professionals need to build up their communication skills of evaluating patient. They should be able to form the feeling of patient’s personality and determine just how patient reacts to particular types of situation, Alder et al (2004).

To become more effective, as students radiographers should try to understand the level and expression of the anger, the specific problems resulting from the anger, the function the anger functions and the fundamental way to obtain the anger.

As lady, I am already aware that spiritual Muslim females from traditional communities will not acknowledge to be reviewed with a male healthcare professionals. When miss X appeared for a head scan, I should I have explained to her that there are not a feminine radiographer in responsibility to check out her. Unfortunately I did not know she will refuse to be seen by a male radiographer as she was in severe pain. However, I was called to talk to her. I were able to clarify to miss X that uncovering her head for treatment for a few minutes was not a violation of Muslim religious rules and it was really very important to the scan to be done, but she was not convinced. Neglect X was a stringent doing young Muslim girl; I never thought she would put religion first before her own health. I advised Miss X that I am her during the examination but she strongly declined. Short while after this event a female radiographer came to collect her payslip and I asked her if she could check miss X as she refused her colleague to examine her credited to her religious beliefs belief. Religion is a very sensitive concern in health care. It plays an essential role in the lives of many religious clients. Putting religious needs first before health needs is unbelievable. This is one way important faith is to other folks.Aggressive Patients Medical Essay

Many religions carry dress rules or guidelines on appearance and presentation. Overall, dress codes can be a powerful affirmation of self individuality and be a marker of communal personal information that others will recognise, Giddens (2001). Muslim women are required to cover their bodies as a sign of modesty. Interpretation of the Haddiths fluctuate, so you might see other Muslim women putting on just a brain covering whereas others may only show their eyes and they’re prohibited to remove their head covering in public or in the existence of men. Henley and Schott (1999) declare that some religions provide detailed rules, which might cover aspects of daily life such as prayer, and using of religious icons. Therefore, members of the public and staff should acknowledge variety and value the differences within and between groups of people. Healthcare professionals should comprehend that each individual is exclusive and recognise our individual distinctions, Townsend, cited in Mackay et al (1998). These could be along the dimensions of contest, culture, era and religious values. It might be fair to say that, lots of the problems encountered in the work place around the issue of religion stem from a lack of knowledge and information about other faiths do and believe that. However, in health service, patient’s faith is often noted and disregarded; an important possibility to find out more about the individual religious and spiritual needs is lost, Henley and Schott (1999).Aggressive Patients Medical Essay

In today’s multi social Britain, it is important for healthcare professionals to be aware of and appreciate the difference between Muslims and other religious communities and must demonstrate a non judgmental attitude towards clients. More training is required for users of staff to provide something of the best standard that would not discriminate service users.


In an attempt to appreciate variety, most hospitals have reserved a room for prayers. Most religious patients would do a prayer before being seen for his or her visits as they believe a prayer could aid in recovery, not due to divine effect but scheduled to mental health and physical benefits. Many reports have suggested a prayer can reduce physical stress, regardless of the God or Gods a person prays to. Naturally, other patients pray to seek guidance as your day progresses, plus some say it stimulates a far more positive outlook and strengthen the will to live on. In light of the, health care pros need to demonstrate a willingness to learn about the patient’s spiritual beliefs and needs. They should have a profound understanding and a wider understanding of a variety of problems which occur from spiritual issues.

In the provision of all natural care and attention, both male and female radiographers should be always on duty to meet the spiritual needs of Muslim clients and other religious groups. Failing to meet the religious needs of patients would be seen as discrimination due to religion. So, users of staff require appropriate training and a range of skills to effectively work with cultural minority clients to promote social addition.Aggressive Patients Medical Essay

I believed a good communication and open up dialogue is the main element to diffusing anger and

providing culturally sensitive attention. I am now well prepared for patients who get angry and aggressive. I had developed always thought before that it could not happen to me and this the person who was simply verbally attack was to blame for some reason. . In the future where patients provide an aggressive history, I am more on my shield. I do believe that I am more alert to the probable of anger and aggression and I have learned to deal with situations in different ways out of this experience. I’ve also prompted to learn more about anger and aggression in the NHS and learn strategies to sorted out I will take the time to reassure and speak to the individual and ensure which i get their cooperative. The next time when I will be at reception obligation, I will make an effort to ask patients if indeed they prefer to be observed by female or male radiographers. A lady radiographer should be at least on call rota working. If possible, health care should get by people of the same intimacy as the individual. For feminine patients, there is an overriding objective of modesty and level of privacy.Aggressive Patients Medical Essay