Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.

Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.


The government has created a committee to investigate the potential of implanting a chip in every U.S. citizen. It is an attempt made by health authorities to reduce issues surrounding safety including patient identification, and maintenance of a complete and accurate history of disease processes and medications, this chip will contain all of the individual’s medical information. When the patient arrives at a point-of-care, the CHIP is scanned, and all of the information is uploaded into the provider system. Upon discharge, information is then downloaded back to the CHIP. It is my opportunity as a nursing representative in the state of ….to provide a report to the committee regarding the appropriateness of such a device at this point of Health Care Development in America.Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.



Chips have been used in neuroscience to improve medical, nursing or even surgical interventions. (Merrill, 2009). Some have been very successful and others not as beneficial. But how necessary is a chip implant as a security device is the argument of security administration, social planners, medical doctors, surgeons and even manufacturers of the device? Of what benefit would this have on the patient’s life expectancy or health care administration techniques generally? Is this another means of finding business for companies as practical socio-political; socio-economic or medico- economic strategies in America? (Albrecht, 2005).
Historically, decisions are usually made on the political correctness of an issue and not so much of who will benefit or be harmed. These are some pertinent concerns raised from inquisitive bystanders. What is this device all about? Are there studies providing data to its necessity as a security or is it making work less costly for medical administration by deploying human resources and replacing it with these devices? (Lewan, 2007).Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.

Advantages of CHIP

The microchip human implant is expected to build access securely of medical records. As a medical device consideration this ‘integrated circuit device or transponder’ (Albrecht, 2005) usually is encapsulated in silicate glass and implanted under the skin in the human body. (Albrecht, 2005). Advocates have described its usefulness as an external data base eliminating extensive record keeping at a particular domain.
From a scientific perspective this device is believed to be advantageous in locating missing individuals who may be affected with dementias, Alzheimer disease or another mental dysfunction affecting memory stability. (Haag, 2004).Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.

Disadvantages of CHIP

It would appear that while advocates may have solid reasons for implanting this device on humans the cons seem to outweigh the pros. After a number of experiments it was reported in the Washington posts in 2007 that the chips were linked to cancer in animals and should not be used in humans. (Lewan, 2007).Besides, electrical incompatibilities have been reported. (FDA letter)
Further sociological implications are that these chips instead of being perceived as security measures can also be a violation to privacy. Any other related technology unintentionally can trap this information carried by the client and use it as identification as well. The argument lies in the exclusivity of this device to the medical profession or for the specific purpose identified. (McGee, 2007).
Meanwhile from a legislative paradigm states have protested the implantation of these chips for any purpose other than distinct medical reasons as is used in neuroscience for improvement of memory or health. Wisconsin, South Dakota, California, Pennsylvania and recently Georgia have voiced their disagreement in making it mandatory for this device to be implanted in US citizens. (Merrill, 2009)Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.


Since immense speculations regarding the necessity of utilizing microchip human device for storing individual medical records in clients have emerged, many changes were ignited. Apart from legislative intervention prohibiting widespread use; the VeriChip Company has since withdrawn its quotas from hospitals supporting legislation of preventing mandatory implantation measures to be adapted in America. As such, while legislation is being pursued from the national level individual states and organizations are gaining support for its repeal as a medical records storage device. (Merrill, 2009)Advantages Of Chip Implants Essay.