Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample

Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample

In human lifespan, there are numerous changes that occur. Cognitive changes, physical changes mental changes and behavioral changes are some of the important changes that individuals undergo from childhood to adulthood. As a matter of fact, it is of great importance to understand the changes that occur during development, so that we can clearly outline the reasons why those changes occur and its importance. Actually, there are several perspectives and personal philosophies on the changes in relationships, activities, mental outlook, as well as health as we undergo life experience and observation.Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample

Certainly, my personal philosophies on the changes during adulthood stage are derived from over-all outlook on human life and my personality, which I do believe has been built and developed since childhood. In real life I have learned to always adhere to my own philosophy and always be myself. As I undergo the stages of development, I have made mistakes and faults. However, it is through this challenges that I have made many discoveries towards becoming a better person in society. Development of individuals comprises traits, rearing, beliefs, genetics social influence, environment, as well as experiences.


Arguably, everyone in life has her or his own philosophy on the various changes that take place during late, middle and early adulthood. Based on my personal philosophy, I do believe that these changes occur depending on the situation of an individual. If an individual is married as well as having children, she or he will undergo aging in a different way as compared to those who did not marry. This because of the unique and diverse health issues, activities, mental change and relationships, (Kail, R & Cavanaugh, J, 2008)Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample

Individuals in the middle adulthood have some power in them, but in most cases not as much as they were during young age. Hanging with friends is still part of some priorities during this stage. Staying in the house is a priority to most of the people, rather than spending all night in bars. Those with children do not concentrate on their children because they will be grown ups, and will be in need of minimal attention. In fact from observation people in the middle adulthood put more focus on what they want to achieve in life before they die.

Perhaps, individuals in late adulthood are not active. People during this stage are tired and bored about many things in life. Most of the people do daily exercises just to make them fit but not to build muscles. Hanging out with friends is the most important activity because they have no work to do.Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample

Actually, most of the activities of early, middle and late adulthood include graduating from educational institutions and joining the workforce in different fields. Marriage and having children also take place during this period. People too get to build their houses and invest for their children.

During adulthood stages relationships come and go, for example at early stage individuals who had developed relationship and friends in college come to an end during graduation. This too marks the beginning of new relationships. Additionally, the relationship between parents and their children change. They become separated by change of activities and environment.

Relationship are very important in human life, they are source of happiness, self-esteem as well as good health. Divorced and never-married middle-aged adults establish new intimate relationship with their co-workers and friends. Arguably, changes in relationship occur as individuals move from early adulthood to middle adulthood and finally to late adulthood. Romantic and passionate relationship transforms into affectionate and com passionate love. Women at middle age begin falling in love with young as well as using lots of make-ups to eliminate their wrinkles. Men on the other hand go for young girls, as they try to dispute their old age.Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample

Health changes also take place during early, middle and late adulthood. During this stage both women and men experience hormonal changes, especially during early adulthood, this is brought about by hormonal maturity. Actually, individuals are very health during early adulthood, at middle and late adulthood health problems begin as well as the physical appearance. Women at middle and late adulthood begin their menopause. The reaction of women depends on the way they interpret the changes. In fact we realize that our health conditions is deteriorating, hence we begin blocking the entire aging process. We exercise more, visit doctors for medical checkups as well as enjoying life.Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample


On my personal perception mental outlook varies during the middle and late stages of adulthood. People become very excited when they watch their children grow in a good manner and be responsible adults. Despite the excitement, there is lots of sadness and difficult in dealing with empty nest syndrome. This is the period which children leave home to start their independent life. Furthermore, due to departure of children parents renew their relationship and become intimate. During the late stage of adulthood people change their activities; they retire from professional careers and enjoy the fruits of their life. Most of their activities involve de-saving, having fun and enjoying being grandparents.

Actually, my philosophical views are based on experience and observation. As we grow old we develop both physically, mentally and socially. During early stages of live we have expectations to meet; hence we begin building and preparing for our late adulthood. Numerous changes occur during middle and late stages, some changes we have powers to make it happen while others are natural.Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Sample