Admission Essay On Nursing Course

Admission Essay On Nursing Course

There are many factors which govern the choosing of a particular course in institutions of higher learning. For one to select a particular course there has to be a passion or liking for the course. It would not be possible for an individual to excel in a course that is not interesting or pleasing to the person. This is the reason why course selection is a very crucial stage in pursuing higher education. Nursing is one of the courses admired by many people. However, the course requires absolute commitment and determination because it involves peoples’ lives.Admission Essay On Nursing Course

The major reason as to why nursing draws a lot of interest from people who have an interest in pursuing the course because it majorly deals with saving people’s lives. This creates the impression that the course could be of great help to the individual and the society at large. Saving life is an act that requires one to be cautious in all the activities entails the course. This implies that for one to be a nurse, absolute caution is imperative.

Nursing is also a course that builds an individual’s social networking skills. A nurse gets the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds which include races, religion and ages. A nurse therefore develops effective and efficient interactive skills which are of great benefit to the community. This interaction is important because they tend to eliminate cases of one being biased when providing the nursing services. This is therefore a course that would be beneficial in increasing the social bond in the society.Admission Essay On Nursing Course


Nursing requires one to be patient and courageous. Patience is required when dealing with patients who are very ill and therefore find it hard to communicate. A nurse has to therefore be patient in listening to the patients so as to determine the kind of prescription required. In some cases, patients with severe injuries may be brought in the hospitals. These injuries may be traumatizing and psychologically disturbing at times. This is the main reason why nurses should be courageous so as to develop the confidence to provide the nursing services.

The skills required in the nursing career are crucial and relevant in the life of an individual hence the reason why the course is of great significance. Nursing skills are relevant and may be of great help when emergency cases arise. Nurses are better positions to handle emergency cases such as accidents which require immediate medical attention. This implies that nursing inculcates the ability of an individual to effectively deal with abrupt emergency situations.Admission Essay On Nursing Course

Generally, nurses develop the ability to cater for the needs of patients from different sexes. Women’s health is much more complex compared to men’s health. Nursing therefore bridges the gap that is there when dealing with women and men’s health. A nurse can be very efficient in catering for the health needs of women. Women are delicate and require more attention than men. A career in nursing would therefore lead one to developing this extra attention to women which is a positive character in the medicine industry.


Different courses will require different qualifications for one to fully qualify in studying the courses in higher learning institutions. However, passion for a course is the main aspect that is above all the others. A person has to be passionate towards a particular course of interest because this is what creates the inward force that enables one to excel. Nursing is a course that requires seriousness. If one is not passionate about the course for instance it would be illogical to pursue it in institutions of higher learning.Admission Essay On Nursing Course