Accessibility of Primary Health Care Services Essay.

Accessibility of Primary Health Care Services Essay.


Primary Health Care Centres are established with the purpose to supply accessible, low-cost and available primary wellness attention to the common people at their door measure, with specific focal point on the rural and vulnerable subdivisions. The success of PHC lies in the maximal use of its services by the people. But many studies ( NFHS-2, NSSO ) and surveies have pointed out that use of PHC services is low both in rural and urban countries, as it is influenced by legion factors. Unless these factors are identified and the steps taken, the end of “Universal Health Care and Health for All” may non be achieved.Accessibility of Primary Health Care Services Essay.


In this background the present paper efforts to analyze the degree of use of PHC services in rural countries and attempts to track the factors act uponing the handiness of PHC services. For this intent a Case Study of Kadakola PHC has been undertaken. For the interest of analysis, techniques like Dummy arrested development, Correlation and Chi-square have been employed. It is found that merely 82 % of people have entree to PHC. The major ground for non accessing PHC services are income degree, distance and instruction degree. The distance to the PHC is the major determiner to the entree of wellness attention services as it is found to be important at 10 % degree.Accessibility of Primary Health Care Services Essay.

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Primary Health Care defined as an indispensable wellness attention which should be based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable method and engineering ( WHO & A ; UNICEF 1978 ) . It should be universally accessible by the persons and the household in the community through full engagement. It is to be made available at a cost which the community and the state can afford to keep at every phase of its development in a spirit of autonomy and self-government ( Roy, Somnath 1985 ) .

The World Bank Organisation Alma-Ata Declaration defined Primary Health Care as integrating healing intervention given by the first contact supplier along with promotional, preventative and rehabilitative services provided by multi-disciplinary squads of health-care professionals working collaboratively ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

PHC is the first degree of contact of the persons, the household and the community with the National Health System, conveying wellness attention every bit near as possible to where the common people live and work.

Entree to Medical services has historically been used as a step of a just distribution. The construct of equality of entree to wellness attention is a cardinal aim of many wellness systems. It implies that persons should be given equal chance to utilize wellness services without respect to other features such as their income, ability to pay, ethnicity, or country of abode ( Sundar, 2009 ) .

“Access” word itself created much perplexity about its significance and measuring ; In this respect many treatments were held and legion definitions were proposed such every bit Access as Utilization of health care, Access as Maximum Attainable Consumption of Healthcare and Access as Foregone Utility Cost of obtaining Healthcare and so on. But it was found that entree in footings of a use of health care is the most often used definition of equal entree in empirical surveies ( Ibid ) .

Reappraisal of literature

Polluste, Kallikorm(2011 ) in their cross-sectional survey titledSatisfaction with Access to Health Services: The Perspective of Estonian Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritisexplained the possible determiners of satisfaction with entree to wellness services in patients with arthritic arthritis ( RA ) . The consequences demonstrated that Estonian RA patients are satisfied with their entree to wellness services. Factors that had a negative impact on satisfaction included hurting strength, longer waiting times to see the physicians, every bit good as low satisfaction with the physicians. Transportation system costs to see a rheumatologist and higher rehabilitation disbursals besides affected the grade of satisfaction. Patients who could take the day of the month and clip at which they could see the rheumatologist or who could see their “own” physician were more likely to be satisfied than patients whose appointment times were appointed by a health care supplier. In add-on, the satisfaction with one’s Family Doctor and rheumatologist played a important function in people’s satisfaction with their entree to wellness services.Accessibility of Primary Health Care Services Essay.

The survey byNteta,, . (2010 ) investigated the handiness and use of the primary wellness attention services in three community wellness attention Centres in the Tshwane of the Gauteng state, South Africa. It showed that in footings of distance, the clinics were accessible as most of the participants lived within 5km of such a installation, and the Tuberculosis ( TB ) clinic was the most often visited service. Further it stated that long waiting line, deficiency of equipments, staff deficit, slow service bringing and negative attitude of wellness attention staff were major restraints in use of Community Health Centres.

Krajewski,Hameed, ,( 2009 )in their paper “Access to exigency operative attention: A comparative survey between the Canadian and American wellness attention systems” tried to find the differences in entree to exigency operative attention between Canada and the United States. The consequences suggested that entree to exigency operative attention is related to Socio Economic Status ( income ) in the United States, but non in Canada. This difference could ensue from the concern over the ability to pay medical measures or the deficiency of a stable relationship with a primary attention supplier that can happen outside a cosmopolitan wellness attention system.Accessibility of Primary Health Care Services Essay.