Abortion a Social Problem Essay

Abortion a Social Problem Essay

Society as a whole is like a living organism that has its specific needs and exists in a certain environment. If a society is an organism, then a family can be considered as a cell of that organism. Thus, for the general well-being of a society, its cells have to be healthy.

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Abortions undermine the healthiness of a family. With legalization of abortions, birth rate in the United States started to decrease inevitably, which results in the following issues. First, potential and quality of the upcoming generations drops. Future geniuses and talented representatives of American society do not receive an opportunity to contribute to society as their embryos are being killed. Thus, society partially loses its quality. Second, multiple abortions have negative impact on women’s health and often lead to infertility. Abortion a Social Problem Essay

Thus, women themselves block the possibility to contribute to the society. In the near future, it may result in aging of the society as it usually happens when the mortality rate exceeds fertility levels. Population aging increases the burden on the working population that supports numerous retirees. At the same time, this seems to be a problem on a national scale. That is the reason why abortion is a social problem that calls for some measures to be taken.


Issue: Determining whether abortion constitutes a social problem.
Premise: Abortion hurts family’s health and, thus, the health of society.
Premise: With abortions, birth rates in the United States inevitably decrease.
Premise: Potential of the future generation in the United States is undermined.
Premise: Multiple abortions have negative impact on women’s health and often leave American women infertile.
Premise: When the mortality rates exceed fertility rates it leads to population aging.
Premise: Aging of the society is an issue on a national scale, so abortion is a social problem.
Conclusion: Abortion, which is killing the embryo in a woman’s womb, is a social problem. Abortion a Social Problem Essay