A Healthy Lifestyle Choice For A Successful Entrepreneur Essay.

A Healthy Lifestyle Choice For A Successful Entrepreneur Essay.


Starting up on your own can not only be a fresh and rewarding experience but also exhausting and challenging at the same time as there are already pioneers in the field of fitness and dance who have created  a niche for themselves. Keeping up on your feet all day long from meetings to classes to networking and trying hard to set up all the cogs in the wheel ultimately drains you by the end of the day…!


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Although risks are always calculated with a lot of brain storming and number crunching it takes a toll on you to eventually make a place for oneself in the ever competitive market .Finally, you reach a point where you have to stick out your neck and embark on your entrepreneurial journey all by yourself. You do realise that if you are not prepared to invest in yourself, no one else will.A Healthy Lifestyle Choice For A Successful Entrepreneur Essay.


These personal investments often take your time and money but only to pay back in the most amazing way. However a lot of people, in fact, most of the people although highly educated are negligent or just too lazy  about the benefits of staying fit and push it to the least of their priorities with skipped meals and excuses like no time for exercise.

Schedule fitness as a priority

I have personally noticed that no matter how much I love to work out, it was the first thing to fall by the wayside in the initial days of setting up my fitness and dance studio. With already so much on  my plate, getting back my stamina and fitness required to conduct several fitness classes in a day was quite challenging. You certainly don’t require to get the extreme level of fitness like then one required in army forces but letting your health slide owing to your demanding schedule is never advisable. Here are a few reasons why staying fit can help you achieve both your immediate and long term goals.A Healthy Lifestyle Choice For A Successful Entrepreneur Essay.

  • Do you need a little more focus?

An hour of exercise increases your focus on the next activity ,hence incorporating exercise in your schedule early in a day is a very big bonus.

  • Boost your metabolic rate

Without a doubt,exercise can give your metabolic rate a quick boost. The degree depends on the kind of activity you choose and also your frequency. Jump start your day with cardio activities to get the greatest post-workout metabolic kick,allowing you to burn more calories for the rest of your day. This phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption(EPOC).

  • Brighten up your mood

For most of us there is no avoiding the social side of business. Material sourcing, Sales pitches, Marketing strategy and Product launching you need to do all…… Don’t miss out on any of the valuable opportunities because of a bad mood. Research has shown that certain type of work outs release endorphins feel good hormones that are increased following sufficient intensity and duration.This coupled with the happiness boost got from listening the upbeat music is sure to get your day off to a great start and keep your positive vibe up the whole day…!

I highly vouch for a healthy lifestyle and not just any temporary form. It stands good for people who are home driven and those who work in offices all day long but for all those entrepreneurs who work hard physically and mentally such a lifestyle is a keeper.A Healthy Lifestyle Choice For A Successful Entrepreneur Essay.